Houseki no Kuni Episode 9: The new Phos

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Well, Phos has certainly been through a hell of a change. This episode’s a pretty good representation of how bittersweet the series is in general. Seeing a change in Phos is a welcome sight, but I will definitely miss the old Phos.

This episode really made me notice how much I love the way this series pays attention to details. This line about Phos’s speed is such a cool demonstration of how all of Phos’s changes are fitting together. The speed from the new legs is being mitigated by the extra weight from the metal alloy. It really makes it feel like information isn’t wasted when it’s presented in the series.

I also really liked this scene. Before Sensei even said his line, I had already made the association between the phenomenon that Phos called “leaking” and normal human crying. It was such a clear reference to the human past of the gems. It also really demonstrates how Phos is really the most human of the gems, which is something I’m hoping is more important as more gets revealed.

As weird as it seems, this scene really did have me legitimately worried that Phos had forgotten Cinnabar. I’m really interested by Phos’s new condition, where the alloy continues to create fragments whenever it’s used. My interpretation of this is that Phos will continue to lose memories as the power is used, but it’s never really stated.

To be fair, the other gems did try to make up for the lack of silliness from Phos…

At least there’s some hope, right?

2 thoughts on “Houseki no Kuni Episode 9: The new Phos”

  1. I loved the attention to details in this episode. I hadn’t noticed Phos was taller until it was pointed out and then it just made sense why she suddenly seemed ot have more presence when surrounded by the other characters. There was just so much going on with how Phos’ physical and personality changes were being portrayed in this episode. Really enjoyable.

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