Houseki no Kuni Episode 8: Final form?

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Curse this show for making me actually care about gems. I know that the show has made casual mentions to lost gems from the past, but this is really the first time the Lunarians managed to take away a gem who was formally introduced.

I suppose it’s meant to be a “final” piece in Phos’s transformation to sacrifice Antarcticite for the new arms. The series did a good job of characterizing Antarcticite as someone who tried to help out despite being weak, only seeking the praise of Sensei. The fact that Antarcticite’s final act was to protect Phos makes it an even crueler loss.

I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the new Phos next week. Just putting myself in Phos’s shoes, I can’t imagine how crushing it must have felt to fail yet again to do anything as Antarcticite was taken away. However, the preview seems to show a new face of Phos…maybe it’s one that’s less goofy? I’m actually hoping that’s not the case as that was part of the show’s charm.

It looks interesting that Phos will be using a metal for hands instead of a gem too. The flowing gold that we saw this week looked a lot like the poison that Cinnabar uses, so it might make things interesting.

As a side note, I was curious about Sensei’s scenes too. It seemed like he was dealing with something strange while Phos and Antarcticite were dealing with their own fight. Does the special interest from the Lunarians have to do with the secret that Sensei seems to know?

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