Houseki no Kuni Episode 7: Being Phos is suffering

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It really messes with my mind how much fun I have watching this series given it has pretty dark tones when you really step back and examine it. I suppose Phos contributes heavily to both aspects of that. If you look at this episode as a whole, Phos ends up being relatively useless in every task yet again, and the episodes with Phos losing even more body parts to potentially get stronger.

Still, I definitely had a lot of fun watching Phos in this episode, between attempting to slog through the snow and sawing the ice. It’s probably a large amount of why I keep watching.

I was surprised at how easily the events of last week were brushed off in this episode. The fallout probably took 2 minutes of time. I was a bit disappointed too, since this line about the blades being made from Sapphire was interesting. As I recall, Sapphire was one of Yellow Diamond’s partners whom the Lunarians abducted. I wonder if it was an intentional evasion of the topic of what the Lunarians do with captured gems.

The whole thing with Antarcticite made for some interesting world building. It introduced the character while simultaneously going into how the gems’ reliance on light for energy translates into winter behavior.

I liked how the “slug communication” aspect was kept as more than a one-off by having Phos understand the ice floes as well. It gives a stronger sense that scenes aren’t wasted in this show, which makes me happy to see.

How much of this show will just be maiming Phos and rebuilding? I imagine there’s not much more that can be done, but I wonder if the memory loss thing is going to keep being relevant.

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