Inuyashiki Episode 4: The hero in action

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I really wasn’t expecting an episode like this, but I guess it works. It was kinda interesting to see an entire episode devoted to showing off Inuyashiki in action. That being said, I have a bit of a problem with how the yakuza boss is portrayed as someone so clearly “evil”. I suppose the idea was to justify Inuyashiki’s swift “justice” at the end, but it’s hard to watch.

I think the characterization might be justified if the yakuza guy returns as an enemy in the future, but this episode doesn’t really inspire much confidence. I think one of the episode’s strengths is that it didn’t try to force a connection to the overarching story. However, this approach kinda solidifies the idea that’s completely a side story.

To be honest, I was completely expecting this story to be some kind of background story for Inuyashiki in disguise. As I said before, I was really expecting that link to show up.

During the scene where Inuyashiki rescuscitates Satoru, I was also expecting some kind of flashback to when Inuyashiki went to the hospital in last week’s episode. I was thinking the flashback would show Inuyashiki failing to help people in the hospital to push the point that his power isn’t too insane.

Does it really make sense that Inuyashiki went down from a few shots to the head, but he seems conscious through most of this bullet storm?

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