Houseki no Kuni Episode 3-4: I missed Phos’s reactions

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This series is really giving a lot more than I was expecting to get from it. I was largely uncertain with episode 3 because I wasn’t fully able to buy into the idea that the slug could so convincingly respond to the other characters. It seemed like too much of a coincidence, but episode 4 reveals the personality of the slug and it makes a lot more sense now. I also really liked the background information that was introduced in episode 4.

I really do want to spend more time on episode 4 because I feel like so much happened. To start off, Ventricosus was much funnier than I expected. The stark difference between the impression of the “playful” slug in episode 3 and the haughty noble in episode 4 was hilarious. I felt like the episode handled the perspectives of Phos, who could actually understand, and the other gems very well.

Cinnabar’s background was also pretty interesting. Phos complains a lot about the encyclopedia thing but at least has a delegated task to do. The fact that Cinnabar’s “task” is self-imposed makes for a much more tragic character.

Of course, my favorite part of the episode is the underwater discussion about the setting itself. I was honestly ready to accept that this was just some fantasy world that I’d have to discover, but this episode brought the world back into focus by stating that the main forms of life were human descendants. I think the concept of each species taking a particular trait of humanity and building on it is really cool, even the idea that the Lunarians are what remains of the human soul.

My main gripe with the episode is the end, though. I guess I just didn’t want Ventricosus to be a traitor and wanted her to be a main character. Based on the preview, though, that might still happen. The brief flashes we got suggest that her brother will not return as the one she remembered, so the gems may have to save her from him. We’ll see, I guess.

And as always, this show has the best reaction faces.

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