Sakurada Reset Episode 23: Controlling all of the abilities

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I think this series managed to give a surprisingly satisfying conclusion to Urachi’s plan. I’m not really too zealous about animal rights, though, so I’m a bit curious how others might react to Kei’s solution. I do, however, really appreciate how this series uses its characters.

It really does feel like each of the abilities is weaved together into this series. It feels like a reference to the very first episode, when the Kei makes it a point to say that the abilities in Sakurada are generally useless.

And I guess since Kei is the one bringing these powers together, the MacGuffin is supposed to be symbolic of human relationship or something. It’s pretty generic, but it’s not enough to detract from this episode.

The concept of Urachi’s mental strength is an interesting one for me. It’s something I’ve had to think about in myself as well, as I tend to be more tolerant. Urachi’s mentality is one I’ve tried to escape, one that expects others to be able to live up to his own standard.

As Kei states, others may not be equipped to show the same “strength”, so Urachi is effectively hiding behind his natural strength while attempting to suppress the analogous strength of those who do not have his strength. Not sure if I made this more confusing…

Part of me feels like Urachi is meant to somewhat represent us living in our mundane world, or maybe it’s more appropriate to say he represents the world outside of Sakurada. To everyone else, the existence of abilities seems “extra” or “unnatural”. However, Kei’s point is pretty much that the very existence of these abilities proves that they are natural, and therefore a valid part of reality that we must deal with.

Next week is finally the conclusion. I’m curious to see how it turns out. The end of this week’s episode seems to indicate that Sumire will be throwing another wrench into the story. The preview suggests that it may have been her plan all along. At the end of the day, I guess the final conflict in this series is the love triangle…

4 thoughts on “Sakurada Reset Episode 23: Controlling all of the abilities”

  1. I think that the way they’ve brought everything back together in this final arc and everything up until this point (except the marble girl still) feels meaningful, is making this series one that is definitely better when considered as a whole rather than the individual episodes. Really enjoying this conclusion and hoping next week is satisfying. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the episode.

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    1. yeah, i always enjoy when a series pulls things together in a way that makes even the more innocuous pieces of the show seem important. i think a large part of why it works in this series is that it’s been happening for the past few episodes. it’s not just a mad dash to make everything make sense at the climax. it feels like it’s unfolding naturally.

      im still skeptical about the ending, though, since this episode makes it feel “tacked on”, but yeah, hope it goes well.

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      1. Yeah, this whole final arc has really been a culminating arc and it has slowly been tying things up and bringing them in together. Definitely does not feel rushed or like a last minute need to justify things.
        Yes, please don’t let the last episode just be a tacked on love triangle story. That would definitely undermine the rest of this arc.

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