Sakurada Reset Episode 22: I think this counts as power of friendship

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While it’s interesting to watch Kei’s plan play out in this week’s episode, the severity of the situation gets a bit downplayed by the precognition ability. Free will is a topic that interests me, and I’ve always believed that perfect precognition is incompatible with true free will.

This show has even demonstrated that its world is very deterministic to further back that idea. But that might be a topic for another time.

As such, we’re pretty much just watching Kei plan work. There’s no real tension because Sumire has lost her power, meaning nothing can interfere with Kei’s plan anymore. Normally, I would be suspicious of the possibilities of other powers, but Sumire explicitly stated that only a precognition ability can interfere with a foreseen future. The preview for next week looks promising, though, since it suggests that Sumire will be dragged back into the picture.

Kei’s proposal in this episode seems very suspiciously similar to the discussion with the first Witch. Kei’s effectively proposing that he would become the system directing the Bureau as she was. The way he describes multiple people watching over him reminds me about the Witch’s question to Misora about loving a stone that can’t communicate back. He may be forced to trap himself as the “dictator” and cut himself off from her.

The part I didn’t fully understand in the episode was Urachi’s response to Kei’s plan. Why exactly was Kei obligated to shake Kagaya’s hand? Urachi concludes that Kei would have used the memory manipulation power on him (Urachi) if not for Kagaya, but it seems like Kei could have easily done so anyway. There doesn’t seem to be a clear reason why the handshake forced Kei’s…hand.

Maybe I’m just warming up to this show, but the scene where Kei taunts Urachi is just gold.

6 thoughts on “Sakurada Reset Episode 22: I think this counts as power of friendship”

  1. I really liked that scene between Urachi and Kei as well. It feels like a very satisfying confrontation between the two characters that we’ve been building to for some time. I just wish I had some idea of what Kei plans to do next.

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      1. I think you’ve just hit the nail on the head as to why it was so good. Urachi isn’t a useless villain who has a plan full of holes and Kei isn’t a happy protagonist who just thinks things will work out because they will. It made it an interesting conversation between two characters who have opposing wills for once.

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        1. well, now that you’ve said that…technically, urachi’s memories are full of holes to combat sumire. but yeah, i think i said in the beginning that kei is not a blindly righteous protagonist. he follows a strong sense of justice, but he’s done a lot of things that you could easily call “evil”. it’s not like he’s standing on a level higher than urachi. they’re two people with opposing stances on a single issue and they’re talking it out.

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