Sakurada Reset Episode 20: Closing the loop

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This episode really came full circle. Even after everything this series has given us, we getting right back to the MacGuffin, the very first case. I will say, though, that I found the beginning of the episode to be pretty jarring. I know that last week’s episode showed Urachi uncovering his mother, but I didn’t expect the episode to start with the abilities erased.

I think the strangest point for this episode has to be Sumire (which is probably becoming a recurring theme in this show). The episode makes it a point to emphasize that she has a very different attitude without her ability. However, her conversation with Kei is pretty much the same as an earlier conversation they had in that exact spot.

Also, the scene by the water makes it seem like she still has some awareness of what has happened. Maybe it was just a mundane Sumire grieving over being rejected by Kei, but I have a hard time not thinking there’s more than that.

Kei’s reunion with his family was something I definitely didn’t expect in this episode. It makes sense that he would want to see them again after finally being freed from the town, but I wasn’t even thinking of the possibility. I think it’s mostly because he’s never really expressed much regret. I think this episode really made it clear how much he’s been holding himself back throughout this entire series, especially when he makes his apology.

I also liked how the scene played out in general. There was no grand gesture explaining everything to us. Kei acts appropriately by acting like a stranger, allowing us as the audience to put the pieces together. I always appreciate stuff like that.

While I wasn’t a huge fan of that final flashback before Misora resets, I can understand why it’s there. We have seen Misora reset as a reaction to someone crying since the very beginning of the series, so it’s probably worth the reminder. I must say that I really appreciate that the series was willing to use something from so long ago to make Kei’s plan work.

So now that we’ve gotten a taste of how the world without abilities looks, I guess it’s time for Kei to fix everything by beating Urachi. Did the preview suggest that Kei might get Sumire’s foresight ability? I mean, he’s going after the MacGuffin, after all. That seems crazy.

7 thoughts on “Sakurada Reset Episode 20: Closing the loop”

  1. I also really appreciated how this episode (and actually the last couple of episodes) have been working to bring everything back together. It feels like all those random conversations and ideas actually had purpose and it just makes what is happening now feel so much richer than what you are seeing on the screen. And Kei reuniting with his mother as a stranger was definitely the best characterisation this show has delivered all season.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

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        1. i think i tried to make as much sense of the show as i could from the beginning, which is why i didnt end up dropping it.

          honestly, im still not convinced that ill be able to remember this series a few years down the line, but it still does a lot more than ppl gave it credit for.

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          1. That was probably what kept me watching it. I was intrigued by the show even if I didn’t think it was particularly well executed. The ideas were there and yeah, it has taken a long time for them to come together, but at the moment it is feeling fairly rewarding.

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