Sakurada Reset Episode 19: Putting things together

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This week’s episode seemed to finally go into Sumire’s plan. A lot of the explanation went the way I expected, like the fact that the original Sumire died so that the fake Sumire could beat the lie detector and the fact that Sumire’s entire motivation was to allow Kei to be with Misora. And I liked the part about how the original Sumire pushed all of the hardship and suffering on the fake Sumire.

I guess the part that bugged me was how Sumire’s power factored into all of this. In order to die for this plan, she had to know enough about the future to put a lot of her plan into action. But if the Sumire we see now is a fake, the original Sumire couldn’t have seen her future, so how much information did she really have? The fake acknowledges that it was a gamble in this episode, but it seems more astronomical the more I think about it. How did she even know the story of Urachi’s past?

Speaking of which, I also didn’t quite understand the story about Urachi’s past. Urachi’s father states that he likes abilities because he likes the idea of giving the weak miracles to overcome their weakness. However, he still erased abilities in most of the world. I guess he’s saying it would be nice if everyone in the world could use abilities without killing each other, but it feels so empty. Was he working towards that? Was that what he wanted Urachi to do?

There’s also something vaguely suspicious about the fact that Misora has been reversed to her state two years ago. I mean, reverting any character progress in Misora is par for the course, but it seems suspicious that Misora and the fake Sumire are both at around the same age. It’s almost like Kei is meant to join them…

2 thoughts on “Sakurada Reset Episode 19: Putting things together”

  1. I really liked that things seemed to come together in this episode. There’s still a lot of questions and Sumire’s plan is really kind of only works when you don’t think too much about it (then again we really don’t know how much the ‘witch’ sees). Still, I finally feel like watching this show might not have been a waste of my time because it seems to be working at bringing all the little points along the way together.
    Thanks for sharing.

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