Sakurada Reset Episode 17: Answers and more questions

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Okay, I definitely had to go through a few scenes more than once, but this episode certainly explained a lot. I actually like the way that the flashback in this episode was handled. I was very confused while I was watching it because I wasn’t sure if I had just forgotten too much about this series. However, it felt like everyone I needed to know from that flashback was mentioned through the course of this episode, so it didn’t end up being a problem.

Let’s start with the obvious. The reveal that everyone in the world has an ability is pretty big. Sakurada is not some special zone of the world with strange natural properties. Instead, it’s a factory for creating the minimum number of ability users needed to keep the rest of the world from being overrun by abilities. Urachi is also apparently the son of two of the founders of this town, whose abilities are keeping the town going.

The only thing I don’t understand is Kei’s power. He has overridden every power thrown at him so far, so why didn’t he have his memory power before he reached Sakurada? Did he have it without realizing it? That seems like an awkward thing to not notice.

Now let’s get to the speculation. Urachi has expressed his disdain for abilities and a goal of eradicating all abilities. The Witch in the flashback states that Urachi’s father can only keep his ability active while he’s alive. She further states that he only needs to live for twenty years before the time locking ability appears. So, Kagaya has likely locked Urachi’s parents in time to keep them alive. Urachi’s resentment probably comes from having his parents taken from him in order to keep the world safe from abilities, so he seeks a more permanent solution.

So, the big question I have is this: what exactly is Soma trying to accomplish? It doesn’t seem like the eradication of abilities is that bad for her. The only explanation that currently makes sense to me is that she has seen a future where Kei no longer interacts with Misora because her ability is gone.

I also think the scene with Kei on the phone was meant to confirm that the current Sumire is a fake, and that the past Sumire died to keep Urachi from figuring out what she’s doing. It would just be nice if I had an idea of what she’s doing…

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