Sakurada Reset Episode 16: Some serious future manipulation

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Was that progress I saw in this episode? It looked like Kei was finally willing to allow Misora to move forward despite resetting away every character change she’s had up to this point. I was worried that he’d explain it away by saying he was just trying to support the play by allowing her to smile, but it seems promising. As for Sumire, I’m still not sure how I feel about her. It’s interesting to watch her manipulate events in this series, but I can’t get over my initial impressions of her and the way she speaks. It’s also so hard to reconcile her ability sometimes.

I guess we also learn the big plan in this week’s episode. Urachi’s planning on erasing all abilities in the town. That doesn’t seem too crazy yet. Given that Sumire tells him “truthfully” that his plan will succeed, it’s possible that she’s planning on reviving the abilities after he wipes them out. It would explain why she asked Kei to read the manuscript about the founding of the town (which should be when the abilities came into being).

Sumire’s message to Kei seemed a bit strange to me, but I feel like the explanation is pretty simple. The conversation in the coffee shop later in the episode seemed to be highlighting the fact that resets can’t really undo ability activations (depending on the ability). Similar to how the lock on Urachi’s organizers can’t be undone by the reset, it seems pretty reasonable that Tomoki’s messages also aren’t undone.

It’s possible that a pre-reset Sumire sent the message with full knowledge of events after the reset and allowed the reset to wipe Tomoki’s memories. If the Sumire who sent the message was the Sumire who killed herself two years ago, then it’s also possible for the current Sumire to say that she didn’t send Kei to pick up trash without technically lying because she never send the message.

Who is Sumire talking to here? If it’s really as simple as I think it is, she must be talking to the dead Sumire. Something about that makes me wonder if it’s that simple, though. On a related note, Kei sends a message to Sumire in this episode, which never really gets addressed. It might be preparation for a future reveal that the current Sumire didn’t receive the message.

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