Re:Creators Episode 10: Power of the people

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This episode seems to mark an introduction for the creators as more active contributors to the story. I’m looking forward to seeing what implications this will have for the series, especially since I wasn’t expecting it to be a temporary effect. I also don’t really mind giving Magane a weapon. She made a lot less sense in the cast as a non-combatant, so having Hangaku gives her means to participate legitimately in combat. I just wish they could have set up Mirokuji a bit more. I didn’t expect him to fall for Magane’s power again after having it explained to him just last episode. Next week is the halfway point for the series. I’m hoping it’s fun.

I suppose it makes sense for Alice to be the most seasoned fighter in the cast given her frustrating mental abilities. Plus, Mirokuji comes off as a street fighter in comparison.

Help Selesia? What’s going on with Selesia? I’m going to assume this is a mistaken translation.

As much as I find Magane’s character interesting, it makes no sense that she’s alive. She’s fighting unarmed against Mirokuji and Hangaku. Just how strong is she supposed to be?

I’m not sure I’m fully convinced by this scene yet. I understand how Magane could figure out who Hangaku is based on historical knowledge, but I don’t get how she figures out that Mirokuji sees her as a curse. That being said, I guess it’s not completely relevant to how Magane seems to be trying to capture Hangaku.

I’m glad to see that Sota’s finally doing something. I wonder if it would have been more effective to say that we, as readers, feel an even greater sense of helplessness when reading stories like Alice’s story because we can’t do anything to change the outcome. That’s the line of thinking I would use. I guess Sota’s argument about looking up to Alice works too.

I don’t think I’ll ever understand how Alice’s mind works. I get that her construction of Mamika’s death is consistent with the information that Altair has been feeding her, but I don’t get why she chooses to ignore the lying nature of Magane. She was probably the most insistent about the fact that Magane is a pathological liar. Eh, I guess I have to accept that grief sucks for anime characters. I also can’t completely blame her. Sota and Meteora could have put a lot more effort into disputing the claim that Meteora killed Mamika, but they give up on that pretty quickly.

Wow, these are some mad hacks from Altair. I guess she brought everyone into the world, so it would make sense that she has some control over them, even if it’s limited to their tools. To look at it from another perspective, though, I want to point out that Selesia’s attack didn’t really make sense from the beginning. Why would you aim at the point of a lance?

I’m curious…is this entire sequence meant to just break Alice? I don’t understand how she can continue to serve Altair after this unless she just snaps.

Aww man. The mecha finally gets a chance to fight and it has to fight a clone of itself.

There’s a message about needing the readers to work together with the content creators to build a true story in here somewhere. There’s probably also a statement in here somewhere about the number of otaku and news bloggers are responding to an image posted in the middle of the night.

We finally figured out how to hack these characters! Now, we can get to the cool stuff.

I look forward to seeing the explanation for this.


4 thoughts on “Re:Creators Episode 10: Power of the people”

  1. I FREAKING LOVE IT! …but mine is a totally biased opinion, so I’ll abstain from singing illogical praises over the show, as I was called crazy on another blog… pffffhahaha. I seriously can’t stop laughing over that matter (I took it well, almost as a compliment).

    So, what to say that doesn’t sound totally biased? Hm. “Help Selesia? What’s going on with Selesia? I’m going to assume this is a mistaken translation.” Yeah, that must have been a mistake. Though not only a translation one, but also a dubbing one (I heard the seiyuu saying “Selesia”, but I may be also deaf).

    Loving how Souta reflected my, and probably ours, feelings so well. I just can’t stop seeing my own self, as a helpless, average, outside observer in Souta. Or at least I couldn’t, since right now it seems he will finally take his role as a MC. Which only hype me more. I agree that he could have debated about Mamika’s death a little more, but I praise him just for not running away though.

    Arturia Lance- *cough* I mean Alice is just broken. She suffered too much too long, and the revelation about being created for amusement didn’t help, but the final blow that shattered her sanity was Mamika’s death. She’s pretty much in the same mental state of Archer, if not worse.

    “Why would you aim at the point of a lance?” Because it’s cooler that way. Or perhaps she wanted to beat her in her own specialty. Not sure. I loved the flashy entry though.

    The fact that MUG (Military Uniform Goddess) or Altair (such a beautiful name) appeared is enough for me to give 10 to the episode. But let’s ignore that. I loved all of her movements that sound a chuuni’s attempt to unify music with broken abilities. Oh, yeah. Regarding abilities, Alice’s summoning was just like Ionian Hetairoi (won’t lie, I had to search for its name). And that’s only a plus for me, too bad the score “EX” doesn’t exist on MAL.

    I was screaming for the whole last part in which Selesia powered up and Excalibur-ed Alice & co. I can only think that, after the initial approval by the Otaku, many started to insult, downvote and trash-talk about the author sudden statement. That would reflect Internet pretty much… you get downvoted faster though…

    Magane is slippery rather than strong. Just hard to kill, especially to not-so-skilled in combat characters like Yuuya I suppose. His swings were rather wide in my opinion, perfect for an Assassin to evade.

    …*looks at the lenght of the comment*…why am I not making a post about it again? Oh, yeah. Lazyness.

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    1. your reaction isnt too surprising haha. ive seen a few others react similarly. i guess im just more muted?

      yeah, i kinda assumed the right line was “send selesia”…eh, amazon translations

      i agree it’s about time sota decided to be the MC, but i guess my line of reasoning would have been different. but since i cant face down an otherworldly knight with magic powers, i cant be certain how well my approach would have worked in comparison.

      that’s literally the only way i can reconcile her behavior. it makes no more sense to me.

      it makes for a cool shot, but i had to step back and think about that from a combat perspective haha

      yeah, this episode hit the Fate comparisons pretty hard.

      good thing there arent downvotes on twitter. im sure they were hiding the replies for a reason.

      it’s hard to imagine he was introduced to us as a “last boss” from his world. honestly, i just pointed that out because i see it as the least believable aspect of magane, who i find to be pretty reasonable overall.

      uhh yeah…

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      1. Really? Hou, didn’t know there were others consciously ignoring its faults. Oh, well. That’s the strenght of a fanboy: no matter what, I’m ready to defend it to death (ok, maybe not to death, but you get the point).

        I may be too influenced by 2D, but what Souta did is what I would have probably done too, or at least wished to do (who knows that my body won’t just stiffen from fear and fall in the ground?). Perhaps I would have tried to communicate more, or if that was impossible, try to find some weak points by remembering Alice’s tale (pretty much like Master in Fate, preparing according to who we face).

        I agree that it’s rather strange to see one, who should just be a normal highschool girl with a weird supernatural power, evading quite effortlessy the attacks from someone who wields the title of “Last Boss”. Perhaps his story wasn’t that… detailed in regards to fighting, or he relies too much on his long ranged sword swings (which are uneffective) and doesn’t know how to fight properly (you know, like the OP characters that relies only on their skills, while they are totally normal in regards to techniques or intelligence).

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        1. i dont see a problem with liking something despite its faults…

          yeah, maybe…or i just have a strange way of thinking

          it might make sense if the protagonists in his story werent meant to be too strong. it’s not like he was holding back against magane.

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