Seikaisuru Kado Episode 8: Viewer discretion is advised

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Most of this week’s episode felt really interesting even if I didn’t really agree with it. I’m not so sure on the ending yet, but I’ll get to that later. I really did like how Tsukai introduced herself to the series in her capacity as a negotiator because it’s a reflection of how I attempt to approach discourse. I’m not looking to necessarily force agreement from either side (for example, I don’t agree with Tsukai about the anisotropic), but I want to get to the point where I can understand what’s driving the opposing view.

Next week’s episode looks pretty worrisome for me. The preview and the ending of this week’s episode both make Yaha-kui look pretty sinister. I’m hoping this is misdirection because I didn’t really want that to be the case. We’ll see, though.

Wait, really? Seeing the Sansa in 2D picture is enough to affect the brain? That’s way easier to distribute than the Wam was.

You have access to multi-dimensional forms of your brain and you think the only effect it has is getting rid of your need for sleep? Surely it has more implications than that.

Does this guy mean a TV broadcast? I could get behind an internet broadcast because you can stick disclaimers on it before playing (even if no one will read them), but I don’t know if a TV can give the same result. Even if you put warnings at the beginning of the program, what happens if people tune in late?

Is this a negotiation or a date?

Are we being serious right now?

It’s really the first time we’ve gotten a chance to learn about this character. Based on these scenes, it sounds like she’s very against the idea of humanity messing with nature. I wonder if she just sees the anisotropic as an unnecessary and artificial means to manipulate humanity. She seems to be equally fascinated with the imaginary processes employed by humanity to create mythical creatures like the dragon and with the natural processes that brought about the species from evolution.

I like that Tsukai respects Shindo enough to bring him personally through her mental process as a negotiator. It makes sense since he’s a fellow negotiator.

That’s a little arrogant, don’t you think? I’m sure she means it in the sense that “our universe belongs to the beings in that universe”, not that the universe belongs to humanity. The wording makes it sound very arrogant. Even if we take the most charitable interpretation, though, I have a hard time agreeing with Tsukai’s logic. It reminds me of this week’s episode of Boku no Hero Academia if you watched that. The technology we inherit from the anisotropic may belong to another universe, but how we decide to use that technology is a decision that belongs to us.

It kinda sounds like the Prime Minister is more saying that Shindo is free in the sense that he is treated as Yaha-kui is treated when it comes to social and political expectations. He’s singling Shindo out from the rest of humanity, but not from everyone in this series.

Sigh, this disclaimer…

Is this the first time we’ve heard about this “right answer”? I believe that Yaha-kui’s original statement was that he wanted to advance humanity, so I’m not sure. This concept could really make or break this show depending on how it’s handled…

Whoa, that’s a little creepy, buddy.

12 thoughts on “Seikaisuru Kado Episode 8: Viewer discretion is advised”

  1. While the cynic in me has been expecting zaShunina to be up to something, part of me really hoped he wouldn’t be just to truly do something different. They still might be giving us misdirection but really, the television broadcast and the effect hitting that many people, it is now past the point of no-return so if they are going to reveal that zaShunina is up to no good now is kind of the time.
    Yeah, the disclaimer didn’t work for me either because seriously you’d still be curious and most people wouldn’t logically assume that watching some footage would permanently change their brain so probably not an easy out for the newscasters to say they warned them. I still find it strange they went with the effect being able to be transmitted via camera as that seemed like it would be way too simple for such a significant effect.
    Regardless, I’m still completely hooked on this show. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on it.

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    1. im still hoping that it’s a misdirection because part of the draw of this series is that it’s realistic enough to have no true antagonist. countries interact with each with no true good or bad.

      im not sure why it was said that the sansa was such a difficult thing to spread. to me, it seems even easier and makes me wonder more why it wasnt introduced before the wam.

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      1. Wouldn’t that have made it easier to spread the wam if more people were attuned to the whatever in the first place? You’re right, they logically should have introduced it first.

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  2. Yep, I also can’t agree with Tsukai’s point of view. I believe very much in mankind’s potential, but if we get a hand from the outside, welp I think it’s fine to gladly accept it if it benefits all humanity (YOU GET TO STAY UP ALL NIGHT WITHOUT RISKING YOUR LIFEEEEE! I would build a temple for aliens-Gods and more for that).

    By the way, this episode was another great one, focused on Tsukai’s cuteness in my opinion, but I think I lacked something very important: zaShunina. I need my zaShuninanium. And the last bits of this episode, alongside the preview of next one are hyping me not little.

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    1. im assuming that part of the problem is that we dont really know what dangers lie in this new technology. but ive never really been one to shy away from progress because of that. definitely agree that being able to go without sleep would be really cool…even if im not completely sure i understand how that ability would work from a neurological standpoint

      well, i think you got him for next week.

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      1. Not sure about the neurological standpoint, but I think it works like you’re switching your “self” with another one through Anisotropic. I would say it’s similar to Zelretch’s magic from Fate, but that’s hard to understand (and moreover, it merely feels like, it’s actually not really similar at all). But screw logic.

        Yep, and I’m hyped.

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        1. the problem that i have is that it’s weird for the brain to be multi-dimensional while the rest of the body isnt. if your body is multi-dimensional, then you’re basically monopolizing the brain from your other bodies. if the body isnt multi-dimensional, then it sounds a lot like the typical human infatuation with the human brain as this pinnacle of intelligence.

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          1. Yeah, that is a little weird. If it’s like “stealing” brain(s) from your other-dimensional-selves, then it means your “parallel selves” are lacking it the moment you use it. So I think the vision of Parallel Dimensions is wrong. zaShunina takes multiple body parts from the Anisotropic himself after all, would that mean his “other bodies” some times have a missing head or arm? Nah, it’s most probably something my poor brain can’t understand.

            I would have rather preferred some explanation like “Parallel processing”: your brain start to work like a PC (though it’s wrong to say this, according to my Informatics teacher) and you simply alternate between the resources. Making some of them rest while part of them work, and vice versa. Parallel processing would be so great too…

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            1. i dont think zashunina is taking body parts from the anisotropic. i mean, his form is constructed from the beginning, but im pretty sure his body parts always disappear into the other dimensions when he moves them around. it’s more like he’s detaching them.

              if we can assume that your other “selves” have nothing better to do, then maybe that’s the case. it would also imply that your brain has some kind of shared memory storage across dimensions to avoid redundant memories. but it also implies that the ppl in the show are thinking too small…if that’s really the case, then you can multitask like crazy. why just use it to stop sleeping?

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              1. Yeah, zaShunina usually just detaches his body parts to make them appear somewhere else, but in episode 7, he actually had many heads flowing around, I would really need an explanation for that, because it seemed more like they were merely “terminals” of a “main brain” rather than each of them being an individual “brain”.

                Hm… perhaps what the Sansa awaken is only a tiny part of that ability? Well, either way, I really want to say, screw it. Multitasking through “parallel processing” would be extremely useful, but I think it’s impossible with only the Sansa. If the Anisotropic, the dimension from which the “spare parts” are taken, is like a uh.. back up of everything existing, than that would explain it, since if it was a parallel universe, then it would conflict with our “other selves”. I don’t hink the Anisotropic is that, or at least it’s not only a back up, as the earth definitely didn’t have a zaShunina. I would love to see all these doubts cleared in the anime… but with only so few episodes left, I don’t have such high hopes (if the last ones are only filled with these theorical explanation, I will freaking give it a 10 if they satisfy me, I simply love these kind of things).

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              2. yeah, i remembered the multiple head thing right after i posted my comment. since he was in kado when he did that, i feel like all bets are off when it comes to what he can do.

                honestly, i doubt they’ll approach the subject of how the sansa works again unless zashunina is really evil and he explains how the sansa is actually doing more than he promised to the human brain. i guess i just find it hard to believe that the brain could be that redundant. and if the brain really just extends into the anisotropic by itself, then i have a problem with the idea of a piece of the brain existing in another dimension exposed. i dont expect the series to be scientifically accurate, but these are questions i have


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