Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Episode 8: Time to question everything we know

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It looks like this series is dead set on keeping our merry band of travelers together if they’re adding wolf guy to the mix. The revelation this week was kind of an interesting scenario. It’s not like we made a bad assumption…the series explicitly told us otherwise despite our suspicions and then went back on it. I feel like that’s just a frustrating form of misdirection. There could have at least been a second character that could plausibly be Sorena’s granddaughter to lead us off the trail. But when you drag on long enough, you eventually run out of other options. Meh…maybe I’m being too hard on this. What did everyone else think?

This scene might have been funnier if Mercenary hadn’t called this guy “Mister Wolf” in the scene directly preceding it. Now it just looks like a bad gag.

Well, this explains a lot.

This is such a casual way to become a beastfallen. Are we even sure he was being serious enough for this to qualify as his own will? It almost sounds like it was a joke that eventually became serious. He barely knows Sorena.

It looks like we need to give the wolf guy credit for bringing Mercenary and Zero back together.

Is healing something that can only be done once? Can’t Zero just do it herself if it’s incomplete?

The scene switches between the beastfallen conversation and the witch conversation is probably meant to indicate that the conversations are related. I mentioned last week that there’s a theory that Albus is Sorena’s granddaughter, which is seeming more likely with Holdem’s flashbacks. I wonder if there’s supposed to be a link between “Him” and Thirteen as well.

Yes, Albus is Sorena’s granddaughter and we need to emphasize this by capitalizing the entire word.

Haha this line…just…wow.

I know the hypocrisy has been pointed out by Thirteen already, but I want to emphasize that Albus is calling his fellow witches to battle here in the name of peace and harmony. Yup, this makes a lot of sense.

Wait, did Mercenary light the bomb on a random torch? Okay, I have to admit that’s pretty cool.

How exactly does Zero’s charm work? Mercenary took a bite to the arm and a punch to the face, but they don’t seem to be transferring over to Zero.

You want Mercenary and Albus alive, but you’re sending assassins? You know what that word means, don’t you?

2 thoughts on “Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho Episode 8: Time to question everything we know”

  1. I had to call Thirteen on the assassin comment too. You don’t send assassins when you want someone alive.
    That said, the whole granddaughter revelation was getting kind of obvious after last week so that scene really just felt like it was trying too hard to make it seem like a clever reveal.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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    1. apparently that wasnt even a translation quirk. that’s literally what he said.

      yeah, the problem i have with that reveal is that androgynous characters can literally go either way depending on the author’s wish. so having the story insist that albus was a guy and then “pull the rug from underneath you” by stating that he’s actually a girl is not much of a reveal because it relies on no false assumptions. it relies on the fact that the dialogue lied to use and we had no choice but to believe it

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