Sakurada Reset Episode 8: To the future

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While I’m really disappointed with how Eri’s big scuffle ended, I have to admit that this episode had some interesting uses of powers. Honestly, I wasn’t sure how they’d handle the Witch in this arc, but it ended up being my favorite part of the episode. And as for the tease they gave us at the end of the episode, I’m just going to completely ignore that. I do have one question, though. If Murase was only holding the photographs that Sasano took inside the Bureau when the reset occurred, does that mean that Kei no longer has the photograph of Sumire? I’m guessing he still has it. Otherwise, there’s literally no point to show him receiving it in the previous timeline.

After all of the drama from last week, it’s a bit frustrating that Kei is able to just walk out of the photograph. Did the ten minutes pass or was that just a minor inconvenience?

That being said, at least they made an attempt to explain why Eri wasn’t pulled into the photograph by having Kei say that she tore the photograph from outside the view depicted in the photograph. It’s an attempt at an explanation even if it’s a bad one. Even if she was at arm’s length when she tore the photograph, Kei is clearly on the railing, so there’s plenty of room here for Eri to stand.

I see Kei is once again using recordings to thwart other people. I’m a little disappointed because I wanted to see a demonstration of the brain’s ability make up memories. We like to think that we’d be able to notice a fake memory easily because it would be inconsistent with the rest of our memories, but the brain is actually really good at filling in the gaps.

Please tell me this isn’t over so easily…

It’s really frustrating to see this battle devolve into “my power is better than yours” when it showed so much promise as a battle between two minds.

That was easy.

I’m not sure I fully got this one. My understanding of the conversation is that the Eri’s loss to Kei has driven her to search for a stronger power, the power to see the future. As a result, she will attack the Bureau earlier than planned to get to the Witch. This has all been planned by the Witch outside of the photograph, but I don’t understand why it’s a betrayal. Is it because she has gotten greedy and chosen to leave the Bureau earlier at the risk of Eri’s future? Could it be counted as a betrayal if she also brought Kei into the photograph to get him to save Eri? You could argue that she “put them at risk”, but that’s not really true if she can see the future.

I can tell I’m still upset about Eri’s interaction with the photograph from earlier because I’m happy that Murase has a valid reason to stay outside of the photograph.

Hmm…discount tsundere?

The thought experiment that the Witch proposes to Kei is slightly different from the one proposed to Misora. In this case, she leaves out the detail that the one he loves “becomes” the stone. Sure, it’s implied, but there’s an easy answer that the stone is just a stone as far as you know because you’ve received no indication that it has every had a thought. Maybe it’s just a bad translation.

How does the thought experiment relate to the Witch, though? It sounds like it might be as simple as her saying that she’s worried that she and Sasano no longer have the same feelings for each other given that they’ve spent so much time interacting with each other through their powers. Sasano is interacting with a past version of the Witch in his photographs, and the Witch is just seeing Sasano’s future actions through others. Maybe that’s all there is to it.

Crap, this is good. I completely missed this use for the photographs because they never made a big deal about where a person exits the photograph. However, it gives a good reason for why the user must be standing in the spot depicted in the photograph before ripping it and actually ties Sasano’s power together nicely. In the end, she just enters the photograph to walk through the open door and exit the photograph from the other side.

I don’t think anyone is surprised that the Witch is talking about Sumire here. However, the nature of the series makes it impossible to draw any kind of conclusion from this statement. Since pretty much any power is possible in this town, it’s hard to tell whether this is meant to mean that Sumire is still alive or that she will be brought back to life in order to become the next Witch.

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