Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 8: Bringing back the dead

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Honestly, I didn’t think this episode was that interesting. Sure, Riel ramped things up to 100, but I felt like a lot of the big parts of this episode were heavily telegraphed. They gave a ton of hints that the Researchers of Divine Wisdom would be back to take Rumia. Plus, there weren’t exactly that coy about setting up Riel’s betrayal. Anyway, time to save Rumia again next week?

Still, I want to take a moment to address the moral topic that is proposed when discussing Project Revive Life because I thought it was the most interesting thought of the episode. The series explains that the revived person would essentially be a copy of the original prior to death, and Rumia questions whether this could be treated as a true revival. I can understand the sentiment, but why not? You could make the argument that it’s not a “complete” revival because the revived person would have no memory of dying, but you could naturally create a similar scenario. What if you could revive a person with full memory of death, but the memory is so traumatic that the person forgets it? Would this be an incomplete revival? But I’ll cut it short there…I’m not philosopher.

Don’t worry, Sistine. I’m sure this is just altitude sickness or something.

I never would have guessed that. Oi, can we get Glenn to explain this?

Based on this reaction, I’m guessing that the tour guide was staring at Rumia a bit too much. There’s no way that’s a coincidence, so I’m guessing that means that Rumia is going to be targeted yet again.

Hmm…this episode has chimeras, alchemy, and idea of bringing the dead back to life. Where have I seen this before?

I get the sense that this statement from the tour guide is meant to suggest to that Glenn has seen or performed a “revival” in the past, but it’s annoying that this explanation is so vague. What’s the missing element needed to successfully bring someone back to life? Oh, somebody would need to be able to make up the spell we need. You can do better than that.

Wait, this guy isn’t Albert? If not, he looks like a copy of Glenn with blue hair.

Sigh…of course she’s insane.

Huh? They killed him, but he was still breathing? I guess that’s theoretically possible depending on how you define death, but it still sounds suspiciously like nonsense.

It makes sense for Riel to be too devoted to her brother to notice, but I’m annoyed that they went through the effort of making her brother look obviously flustered when Glenn shows up. At least give that a purpose.

One of these days they’ll tell us why these guys care about Rumia so much.

Glenn’s doing surprisingly well with his gaping wound that hasn’t been bandaged. I’m pretty sure he’s just losing blood over there. Meh…maybe Albert used magic to close the wound or something. Magic world things?

I was wondering why Albert thought it was necessary to drag Glenn here to revive him. He just needs more mana? That seems a bit weak. Oh well…at least there’s an explanation.

Yup, these are still funny. Poor Celica only gets to show up in previews.

2 thoughts on “Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records Episode 8: Bringing back the dead”

  1. I must admit the skit at the end was my favourite part of this episode. The rest just seemed like they were going through the motions while trying to make it look like things were getting tense. Plus, Re=L’s mental state fell apart really, really quickly.

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