Attack on Titan Episode 33: Old times

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I’m not too sure about this episode. I guess it was a necessary cool down, but there wasn’t a lot happening. I didn’t have a huge problem with seeing how Hannes has been acting as a guardian for Eren and his friends either, but it felt like it was the only thing that happened in this episode. Anyway, next week’s episode should be more fun since we’ll get some more information on Reiner and Bertholdt.

I want to take a second to address the cliffhanger resolution in this episode, because I think it highlights my main issue with them. When the episode starts, it takes only about two minutes for all of the drama and intensity to fizzle. Would it really have been less dramatic if the previous episode had ended with a shot of the Armored Titan running off with Eren? It still feels like a pretty tense moment where we don’t know what will happen to Eren, so I think it would have been equally effective. But then again, maybe this episode wouldn’t have been as interesting without the bit at the beginning.

Wait, Bertholdt and Reiner were unarmed when they transformed, weren’t they? When did Bertholdt get this gear? This might be why he ate the second guy back when he first transformed. I was wondering about that when I first saw it.

I thought we were past this “the Scouts are a disappointment” banter. I suppose this is meant to show that the people from the inner sections have no idea what’s going on outside their walls.

Is it time to send out the reinforcements?

Why are the outlines so thick here? I have no sense for visuals, so it might be intentional. But it’s noticeable to the point of feeling out of place.

Also, Eren seems to be winning the fight against this guy, but his friends don’t seem to care.

He’s not wrong. Honestly, this flashback seems to be more about highlighting how much Hannes has changed than anything else.

I found this scene funnier than I really should have. Mikasa dramatically looks over the wall to see what happened while she was unconscious and sees that one Titan sitting there with a goofy expression on its face. I could just imagine it saying “hello” or waving.

He’s such a good friend…

I think this series generally handles flashbacks well, but I didn’t really see what this one was accomplishing. After all, it’s a scene we had just been shown in this episode.

This minor focus on Hannes and how much he’s changed is a nice touch. I can’t remember how much this has been emphasized before now, but I think it’s cool that he’s been working to atone for his past self in the background.

I’m sorry. I know that Hange is explaining why Reiner and Bertholdt might be in that forest, but I’m completely focused on these lifts. I was curious how they stopped the cart from tipping when they hit the bump in the wall, so seeing the wheels on the wall-facing side was pretty cool.

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6 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Episode 33: Old times”

  1. I agree that the flash backs this week didn’t seem to accomplish much. It wasn’t that there was anything wrong with this episode, it just doesn’t really seem to do much other than set up the pursuit and I kind of think that could have happened off camera and it wouldn’t have been a let down. It really just feels like they are delaying further revelations or actual plot developments.

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  2. Agreed that this episode doesn’t really have the impact of the ones that preceded it. The flashback was nice and okay but…that’s it.

    I never noticed Bert’s gear and was confused about why he ate the other guy. Now it makes sense. Thanks for that.

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