Attack on Titan Episode 32: Titan MMA

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I thought this episode was strong, but not just for having the Titan battle. The battle was cool and did a good job of showing how and why Eren, someone who was far too obsessed with Titans to care, would know anything about handling himself in a Titan v. Titan battle. But I liked the small nods to how messed up some of the major characters were after the big betrayal. Connie is unable to accept that Reiner and Bertholdt have betrayed him despite being so suspicious of the Titan outbreak in his village. Mikasa, generally portrayed as unemotional and strong, laments her inability to strike her friends down when she has the chance. Anyway, it looks like everything falls apart next week…

With the way this scene was introduced, I totally thought we were getting a flashback to the scene where they were examining the wall in the dark.

Yeah, slow motion! It makes thing so much more dramatic!

Why would you ever think this?

So…is Bertholdt increasing his internal temperature to release this steam? I’m pretty sure that cooks the two people he put in his mouth.

Sure, this is something new, but did we really need this rewind effect? I honestly think it just makes things more confusing.

Was I supposed to be laughing at this scene? I ask because I totally was. Eren winds up for his comeback and just gets swatted away.

I honestly had no idea how Eren could fight in a situation like this, but using the flashback to give him a way to fight back is a nice touch. I like the moments when Eren is actually thinking about his moves.

They did try to recruit you about 20 minutes ago, didn’t they?

Was Eren ever not in control? I guess they don’t know what’s going on in his head while he’s fighting in Titan form, but did they really think that a berserk Eren would be able to gain the upper hand on Reiner?

We just saw the armor fall apart on the back of Reiner’s legs, so this hardly seems like a useful revelation. Isn’t his entire back leg exposed right now?

Again, I can’t tell whether it makes sense for these people to be so focused on the Armored Titan that they don’t notice that he’s right next to the Colossal Titan. Armin does note that it’s suspicious that the Armored Titan stopped where he did, but it’s been established that he tends to notice what others don’t.

You’re kidding me with this cliffhanger, right?


6 thoughts on “Attack on Titan Episode 32: Titan MMA”

  1. That cliffhanger was just mean. I get the whole end on a moment of suspense to make us watch next week, but really that was incredibly mean stopping there.
    I definitely laughed when Eren got sent flying, but then again, I don’t like Eren and watching him get beaten up was kind of amusing (wished there had been more).

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    1. im taking jabs at it because it’s such a consistent way to end the episode in this season (not sure if it was the same in the first season). it feels like there’s a lot of effort being put into making sure the the episode ends in a cliffhanger.

      now that i think about it, he had the most generic response to the betrayal too. just called them traitors and fought them.

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      1. He had a very Eren response to the perceived betrayal which is to blame them entirely, not consider any other view point that might come about, and then get violent even if that violence doesn’t accomplish much. Admittedly, he didn’t shout as much about it in this episode as he has in previous episodes.

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        1. there was some Titan shouting, to be fair. that reminds me. i was reading someone’s analysis of the final fight in the first season of eren vs. the female titan and apparently the manga version of the fight had considerably less shouting. apparently it was more of a team effort.

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