Sakurada Reset Episode 6: Future stuff

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Looks like this episode is going back to the random philosophical talks. Honestly, I thought they were better than the ones proposed in the first two episodes, but I still find them tedious for the most part. It depends on how they will end up linking back to the story compared to the irrelevant-feeling stuff from the beginning of the series. The episode also brings up a lot of the mystery surrounding the Bureau and how it came into existence. It seems like it’s also heavily suggesting that the Bureau is linked to the appearance of the powers in the town. I sure hope there’s something like that going on…

The ending of the episode also raises quite a few questions. It’s possible that Misora’s reset will fail because her ability gets stolen, but assuming it doesn’t, what happens to the conversation with the Witch? Does she continue to see the future? Will she reach out again?

Is this scene meant to show me that Kei had horrible parents? Because what kind of kid listens to a sketchy guy like this?

Asai Kei: The Origin Story. There’s no way she actually wants to keep Kei away from the town, right? For a kid, these kinds of statements are practically bait.

Presumably, the opening scene was meant to show us that this woman that Kei’s meeting was the “witch” on the phone. Does this mean we’re learning more about the Bureau this week? I’m not opposed to that.

So he can basically turn photos into a full experience? That’s pretty cool. Assuming Kei has near-perfect recall, you could argue that Kei and this man have very similar abilities. Although, based on the next scene with the picture of Sumire, it looks like the old man’s ability would allow you to get more information from the past if you interact with a person.

It’s a fair question, but when the characters in the series deny the existence so strongly, it makes me doubt my own belief that the MacGuffin is just a mundane object.

I feel like the fact that Misora shows up just now in the episode is reinforcing the idea that she doesn’t contribute much outside of her reset ability.

This thought experiment seems like more “mystical” version of the teleporter problem. If you body is disassembled and reassembled in a different location, are you the same person? Were you technically dead during transit? The Swampman is a similar idea. If the composition of your body hasn’t changed, then I would argue that you had a moment when you were technically dead, but you are alive again. In this situation, the concept of a soul is generally introduced as the distinguishing factor between the two, but I’ve never been one for that idea.

This question is very important to remember for the future. Misora’s reset ability makes it possible for a scenario like this to happen. So if Misora’s ability had reset Sumire’s death and brought her back to life, how would Kei have reacted? He’s capable of remembering both the dead Sumire and the living one. Would he be sad for the Sumire that died? Heck, you could even argue that since Misora’s power reconstructs the world, she’s killing herself every time she uses it.

So she’s basically Misora on overdrive? She talks about some of her limitations, but I’m more interested in knowing how far she’s able to see. I’m also curious how her power works with Misora. Does she see the future resets or just the future assuming there are no resets?

I was really hoping she wouldn’t say that…

Is this supposed to be some heavy foreshadowing of Kei’s future? I’m not sure how to evaluate this scenario. I get that it’s meant to question what is truly loved in a relationship, but I feel like I can’t agree with Misora’s judgment unless there’s some future potential for communication with the stone. Still, I’d be willing to agree that nothing is definite, so maybe there’s always the possibility that Kei would return if he were to become the stone with a mind. Maybe that’s the point?

I’m going to assume that this girl is not so dumb as to tell Kei her plan and expect him not to reset, so surely she has some counter-measures against the reset that Kei asks for when Misora joins them.


2 thoughts on “Sakurada Reset Episode 6: Future stuff”

  1. I was enjoying this episode and the possibilities being presented by some of hte discussions, until we met the red haired girl and then it all kind of felt a bit silly. I’m kind of hoping she actually has some kind of plan because otherwise this whole set up has taken awhile for not very much. Still, this was more interesting than the girl in the marble episode which I still haven’t figured out why it even exists given it hasn’t seemed to contribute anything of note to the series.

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