Suka Suka Episode 5: Tour group round 2

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So overall, I think this episode felt too much like a throwaway. There’s definitely a lot of stuff going on at the end of the episode, but nothing that happens in the majority of the episode leading up to that feels like it’s supposed to be important. I had a little bit of trouble with how this episode flowed. It started with Phyr desperate to get the reluctant Willem to help her and then goes on a complete tangent when the main characters notice the local food. I wouldn’t have had a problem with that, but the story just goes further down that tangent and suddenly Phyr is giving them a tour of the town. The only reason the story comes back into focus is the fact that the group is being followed…which almost seems too convenient.

Additionally, I felt like the walk through the town would have been more interesting if we hadn’t already gotten that in the last episode. It feels odd to introduce parts of the town in a similar way two episodes in a row. That being said, I don’t particularly mind how Chtholly and Willem’s conversation plays out in the end and I’m curious to see where Willem’s new excursion will go. It seems like it’s related to his past, so it’s probably a good opportunity to learn more.

I’m just starting to realize that these beasts are actually separate from any of the races we’ve seen so far. I thought that the discrimination that was targeted towards the unfeatured came from the war between animal-like races and the humans, but it looks like all of those races were on the same side. So why were the humans the only race that was eliminated by the beasts?

Whoa…what am I watching? Also, Chtholly states that she promised to return home alive and then immediately charges in to fight the enemy alone.

Strangely, it registered in my head that Ren was sitting in Willem’s lap at around the point when Chtholly brings it up. Something’s wrong with me.

Aww man…I was gonna make fun of the “Annihilation Knights” name, but Ithea beat me to it. Silly Ithea…they should be regretting that name now, not in five years! Who the heck thought it was a good idea to let a group like that run around?

Hmm…you got me there, Willem. My instinct is to disagree with him because it feels like a generalization, but it also feels like there’s an element of truth in here. I think the problem is that “righteousness” is too broad of a term. I guess I agree with the idea that heavily believing that you are in the right and bringing the military in against an internal threat is a questionable means of action. Don’t they have the tackle police for this?

Pacman is in this series?

This is the inscription for the “Perjurer’s Grave”? Not very subtle, huh?

Holy crap that voice is creepy and hard to listen to. I’m guessing that’s done on purpose, but it’s still tough to hear. So are these visions supposed to be stringing together into something?

These are some…interesting bad guys. I guess I should have realized from the name “Annihilation Knights” that this group would be all talk.

Willem in this scene is pretty hilarious…nice smirk, buddy. I’m going to assume he called the police into the alley as well even though he doesn’t really explicitly state it because how else could they have responded so quickly?

That was fast…

Any particular reason why Willem has to do this alone? I feel like a lot of pieces of this conversation are assumed without much reason.

Willem’s turn to make the promise? This scene’s really messing with me with the parallels it draws with Willem’s past promises…I have a bad feeling.


7 thoughts on “Suka Suka Episode 5: Tour group round 2”

  1. I didn’t really like this episode either. It felt like a real waste to go on another tour of the city when we jad that last episode. The two main points that stood our for me was the new monster appearing and the ending where Willem stayed. The thing with the monster was interesting but it really would’ve been better if we had seen it first hand rather than in flashback. With Willem staying, I have a feeling that name was of someone he knew way back when rather than after he woke up so hopefully this will make things interesting again.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! 😊

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    1. i dont have all too much issue with the monster, but i question whether we could have seen more of that fight. and with willem, that’s my guess as well. im kinda expecting the name to be linked to the problem and not the person in question

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  2. That definite parallel to his previous promise concerned me at the end. Otherwise, the episode didn’t do much for me. It all felt like we were just killing time until that final scene because the Annihilation Knights and all the other nonesense was just noise.

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