Seikaisuru Kado Episode 5: Unlimited energy for all!

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I’m not entirely sure how I should evaluate this episode. The concept of the Wam that was revealed is interesting, but the episode felt like it skipped a few conversations. For example, why did Yaha-kui need Shinawa to study the Wam? What was Shindo doing to facilitate her understanding of the Wam? Why was the UN’s legitimate worry about terrorists wielding the Wam something that was tacked on in the end?

If I had to say anything, it’s that there’s a lot to think about here…

Not a lot happening in these opening scenes…

Yup, that is the appropriate first response. Surely it tastes like candy, right? Nothing weird going on here.

To be fair, labs don’t really fall under the typical teacher-student relationship. I’d say “mentor” is the better word. But given this girl’s personality, this revelation wasn’t too surprising.

I guess this is a really long-winded way for Yaha-kui to say “I did what I thought was the right thing to do”? This concept of caution with innovation because of the potential implications of new technology is not really a new one. I’ve always thought of it as a stifling idea, but I guess I can understand the fears involved.

I’m not great with economics, but can this really happen? Or do they just mean freezing all international accounts?

I didn’t quite understand this part of the conversation. Sure I get that Yaha-kui is suggesting that humans can be influenced/distracted by EM waves despite not feeling it. It probably gives some fuel to the whole “looking at screens is rotting your brain” idea. I’m not a huge fan of it, but I admit the possibility is there.

But why focus on EM waves in particular in this conversation? I’m not really familiar with shielded rooms. It makes sense if the room is meant to block EM radiation in particular. But the blue stuff lining walls looks like soundproofing.

I can’t tell if she’s thinking too hard or just embarrassed. And the professor asks a fair question. What exactly is Shindo doing in there?

Yaha-kui is still missing the point, right? It’s not that the Wam are a precious resource. He sees the Wam as something every human deserves to have access to and the UN disagrees. That’s the bigger issue, isn’t it? Is this going to become a factor later? Because it makes sense for Yaha-kui not to understand that.

There’s a “people kill people” argument in here somewhere…probably want to be careful with that.

Sure, makes sense. What’s the twist?

Uhh…I got nothing on this one. I certainly don’t have a particular reason why an object’s shape couldn’t have an influence on the energy it generates. I’m more wondering how you can get a 3D object into a shape that accesses another dimension. But I leave that to the physics guys?

Your greed’s showing a little there, buddy.


2 thoughts on “Seikaisuru Kado Episode 5: Unlimited energy for all!”

  1. There’s certainly a lot missing in terms of how we got to where they are, but I kind of like that even in a dialogue heavy show they don’t show us every single conversation and decision. Some things happen in between and we just have to catch up. Still, Shindo is becoming quite the mystery.

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