Tales of Zestiria the X Final Episode (25): Ships have sailed

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Wow, so much time has passed since we last saw this series that everyone’s hair grew longer. Anyway, given the general trend of the episodes leading up to this ending, I’m not particularly surprised that I found it disappointing. The battle against Heldalf was depressingly quick and what we got was effectively an extended epilogue. I think I would have been fine with waiting for a month just to see a full epilogue episode, but the series basically left on a cliffhanger and then immediately resolved it upon returning.

Now, I’m just going to list a few other things in the ending that didn’t sit well with me with no real point. First off, I find it really strange that Heldalf is purified off-screen. I didn’t think he was fully to blame for becoming the Lord of Calamity given the curse that was placed on him, so I think he deserved to have a decent death (though it doesn’t seem like he dies in the anime). Secondly, what the heck is up with the happy endings in the epilogue? Maltran and Eizen both get drastically different endings in the anime and yet Dezel has to die right at the end. That seems unfair. Who even cares about Maltran?

Finally, and most importantly, what did Sorey accomplish in this series? His goal was to allow humans and seraphim to coexist, but at the end of the day, humans and seraphim remain isolated from each other. What has changed? Was it the point of the ending to show that Sorey’s return is supposed to be the start of that journey?

Sorey can’t even move properly in this form and Heldalf is just…standing there.

Ooh…pretty colors. I get that Sorey is combining the elements and everything, but is it weird that I preferred the parts where he goes into melee range?

Heck, this energy blast doesn’t even look like it’s coming from Heldalf’s mouth. It’s slightly off-center.

Since we know that Sorey doesn’t take this armatization form in the game, is this sword a reference to the Exorcist swords from Berseria? I’m just going by the flat tip.

Wait, I don’t understand. Is the malevolence sentient? Why is it reviving the Lord of Calamity? This honestly feels like a convenient way to gather the world’s malevolence in one spot for Sorey to purify.

Is Sorey casually ignoring what Rose just said? If he dies, Rose and Alisha will also die. This seems like a really strange response to a really important question.

Wait…what? What does that even mean? Also, given that this is the last time we see Maotelus, I have to say this. This series came out after Berseria was released and we’ve already seen that this series has no problem integrating pieces of Berseria’s story into the story of Zestiria. So why do Maotelus and Zaveid never once acknowledge one another? It’s possible that Zaveid doesn’t know who Maotelus is, but Maotelus absolutely knows who Zaveid is.

Peace! Honestly, this Rolance and Hyland thing has been the main political struggle of this series, but it has felt incredibly unimportant overall…

Is this the previous Shepherd? Or a new one? The hair color’s not right to be Sorey.

Feed Edna more apples.

Oh ho…so that’s the ending they’re getting.

Bromance ending confirmed.

Final Score: 6/10


2 thoughts on “Tales of Zestiria the X Final Episode (25): Ships have sailed”

  1. This ending kind of did lack any real satisfaction. Then again, after the mess of the second season where we kind of just meandered about before deciding to head north and maybe do something about the big bad, it seems like the ending perfectly fit the rest of the series.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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