Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records First Impressions (1): What am I doing?

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Don’t judge me…I don’t have many options here. Anyway, I’m not sure about this series yet. So far, it doesn’t seem all too different from a standard magic school series except that maybe the main character is actually incompetent, rather than the super genius that you normally get. But he’s the main character and that one teacher is highly obsessed with him, so he has to have some kind of special talent, right? I might have to watch another episode just see what the hook is…as it stands, I have no idea where this show is going.

This episode is spending a lot more time zooming in on this book than I think it is should be…

I’m assuming the voice here is going to be a future character or something…but yeah, standard opening exposition.

I get the feeling that if this guy wasn’t the main character of the series, this spell would have killed him. And in what universe is casting a wind spell easier than…stepping aside?

Hold on. You expect me to believe these three animals were living in that fountain? Together?

For once, I’m with the snooty character that everyone’s supposed to hate. Why would you accept someone as a teacher without knowing who they were? The headmaster goes on to list a number of reasons why the guy isn’t qualified as a teacher as well. I get that he’s a substitute teacher and all, but this is basically rubbing it in our faces that this guy is the main character and gets away with whatever he wants because he’s protagonist special.

Yes, I noticed that the word “rokudenashi” (which I’m assuming means “bastard”) was in the title of the series the first time you said this, glasses guy. No need to remind me.

I don’t know what I expected. And no, you don’t get extra points for being self-aware about it.

Oh…burn…I guess. Also, while it’s true that the lethargy you normally feel after eating lunch is caused by your nervous system compensating for the added digestion, you can also feel a similar effect eating foods high in sugar, like a cream puff.

Magic duels apparently have the same rules as 18th century sword duels.

Uhh…got it! (Why is this important again?)

I’m also guessing that he chose the Shock Bolt spell because it’s the only one he knows…given the extended exposition on what the spell does.

Hey…this preview isn’t bad.


4 thoughts on “Rokudenashi Majutsu Koushi to Akashic Records First Impressions (1): What am I doing?”

  1. “Don’t judge me…I don’t have many options here”

    It’s okay. I will confess that I’ve watched it too…and may watch another next week…

    B-Because it’s bad and I just want to make sure it’s bad! Yeah that’s it. Who would actually watch this thing because they like it hahahaha not me…

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