Youjo Senki Final Episode (12): Yup, still evil

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At this point, I don’t think I expected much else from the ending of this series. Looks like we’re just preparing for a second season…which is totally coming, right? But other than that, the struggle continues. I really need to study more history before watching shows like this…

One final note for this series. While I was complaining a bit before, I’ve come around to being okay with the general lack of Being X. It makes a lot more sense that Being X…works in mysterious ways? Plus, doesn’t Being X have better things to do? I’m sure I said that earlier in this series.

Time to get serious…but everyone’s on vacation.

Just comes out and says it, huh? No celebrating! Always keep planning for the next step! Also, I’m not sure about this one. Do you “win” a victory? Or do you obtain or achieve it?

That sounds about right.

Is she saying that Strategic HQ is being too rational and assuming that the Republic will act rationally? That’s a new one. I would have expected the opposite.

While Tanya’s monologue is interesting and all, it kinda shows how little she’s changed. Though that’s probably the point since she’s rebelling against Being X?

This guy has the most insane timing.

The last part of the recruitment poster was the only part that was positive, wasn’t it? I feel like these guys should be more upset about not getting the glory yet since that was probably the main reason they join.

I’m assuming this is a history reference that I’m missing. But more importantly, is he realizing that they should continue the war without Tanya’s intervention? I guess Tanya’s desperation wasn’t needed at all.

Epilogue narration?

Oh, I totally thought this was done. But as someone pointed out to me before, her name is Mary Sioux (Sue), after all.

Yellow eyes? What could it mean? Here’s hoping she’s not just another throwaway enemy that was thrown in the series.

Uhh…Tanya? You okay over there?

Haha this ending…

Overall Score: 7/10


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