Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen Episode 12: The friend zone is rough

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This episode pretty much goes as you would expect…a mostly fluff episode to cool down from the fight now that it’s done. And yeah, still leaves plenty of open questions…which makes sense given how closely the series has been following the manga this time around. But hey, we can get more seasons, right?

Overall, this season was an unfortunate one to revive the series since the action is pretty low. I also think it might have gotten bogged down by the fact that it was coming back after so long, specifically with the excessive flashbacks. We’ll see where it goes from here, I suppose.

Was anyone else watching the motion of the trees in this scene? Because I definitely was. But more to my point, what exactly did these girls accomplish after promising to get Suguro’s dad some medical attention.

This guy says “I’ll give you the good news first” before saying this. What a jerk…

Haha well played. The fact that Rin gets pissed off at Shiemi for doing this also makes the scene better.

Hmm…I had forgotten that this conversation happens. This doesn’t become relevant for a while. But yeah, Mephisto certainly feels like too strong of a force. Earlier in this conversation, he’s basically ensuring that Shima testifies on Rin’s behalf to the Order, which begs the question of how much he orchestrated with this business of the Impure King to give Rin the chance to make a case for himself as an Exorcist. While that’s not inherently a bad thing, it’s really frustrating when there’s no explanation given and we’re just supposed to accept that he’s this influential/clever.

Come again? Wha?

I guess the message here is “when the tsundere doesn’t say yes, pretend she did and move on”?

Glad we got that serious stuff out of the way. Let’s be tourists!

Oh, hey Kuro. I mean “haha”! Totally funny skit is happening!

Haha Yukio’s face makes this scene amazing.

Aww…he cares.

Yeah, like 11 episodes ago or something…

Yukio and Rin honestly have the most interesting relationship in this show. They both care about each other, but see the strengths of each other as their own flaws. As such, they compete with each other, but also want to gain what they lack from the other. It’s a relationship I can really relate with and is pretty much my favorite thing to see in this series.

Overall Score: 6/10


2 thoughts on “Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen Episode 12: The friend zone is rough”

  1. I’m not sure I’m up for any more seasons of this. Season 1 was okay and while it may not have followed the source, I liked that it gave us an ending of sorts. This has just felt kind of meaningless and all these loose ends and non-explanations (even after all that sitting around and talking) are just frustrating. And yeah, what really got accomplished? I guess people who are really keen on the manga might be happy enough that it is following a long but as an anime series I found it just kind of meh.

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