Youjo Senki Episode 10: Victory!

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Alright, time for one last battle, right? Given that most of the magic battles so far have involved Tanya running into an entire unit by herself, it’ll be interesting to see her fight against someone of equal strength. Looking forward to that. I’m still wondering how this series will end, though. It looks like it’s building to an actual ending with the defeat of Anson (or whatever his name is) securing the victory for the Empire. But the general lack of Being X cameos so far makes me wonder if there should be more to an ending for this show than that. Plus, there are rumors of a second season…

Wait, they have magic camouflage? Use that more!

I’m assuming this scene is meant to convey the fact that this guy trusts that Tanya will succeed and bring the war to an end, ignoring the concerns of everyone else at the table. I’m still not good with these “big wig” meetings.

Wow…they won that with relatively little fanfare. Fair enough.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that B was the communications headquarters and C was an ammo depot, but Tanya’s site was an abandoned facility. Way to contribute to the team, Tanya.

So now what? Now that the Empire has destroyed the Republic headquarters, I’m assuming this battle at Rhine is to mop up the remaining forces.

Spoken like someone who’s asking to die.

Nah…just a coincidence of an explosion.

Well, when you put on the map like that, it seems so simple!

I don’t actually mind this one. The visual aid helps and unlike the previous one, it comes with a decent explanation.

Celebrating in a show like this? That’s not allowed!

Holy crap…the Empire has flamethrowers too? Talk about focusing tech first, am I right?

No, not that guy! He had a conscience! Or something…

Also, this guy clearly had the jump on the main characters and he takes out some random guy on the right flank. He knows who the boss is, doesn’t he?

Okay, maybe Grantz is fine. They wouldn’t kill him after showing us this, right?


2 thoughts on “Youjo Senki Episode 10: Victory!”

  1. Commenting here because I didn’t see a way to login to Discus on your site. Did anything change?

    I actually liked this episode a good bit. I enjoy military strategy and though this one was pretty simplistic finally seeing the execution after all the planning in the last episode was fun.

    The decided lack of Being X and really anything to do with his stated goals for Tanya at the beginning of the series makes it seem like a season 2 is inevitable. I don’t know where anyone gets this information though, so I’ll just wait to be surprised I guess.

    I think story wise it’s better if Grantz did kick the bucket here. It would be better for a good amount of Tanya’s squad to die off because this invincible squadron business is getting tiresome and there’s zero drama in anything they do. Still you’re right about Anson. Shoot the boss if you get the drop on them, dummy.

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    1. yeah, i switched up the comments on my site because i ppl said disqus was lagging.

      not sure im fully convinced on the military strategy yet, but i get the sense that it’s a boon for the history ppl watching.

      i just made a guess on a second season and saw some rumors on reddit that seemed to confirm it…probably from ppl familiar with the LN

      i agree that tanya’s squad is too bulletproof, but i just dont know if grantz is the right guy for that.


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