Friday Fun: Talking about spoilers

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A while back, I did a post about spoilers, but it was mostly focused on how I write my reviews and what I include in them, rather than my general view on spoilers. I’m not sure how much it comes across in my other posts, but my view has always been the same. I will try my best to respect other people’s wishes, but I don’t personally care too much about having major plot events or the ending revealed to me.

I think there are also different types of spoilers and I’ll react to them in different ways. For example, I will always keep spoilers as generic as possible (though to be fair, this is sometimes so I can mess with people by saying something vague enough to be misinterpreted). I might have mentioned this before in a previous post, but when I watch series after they’ve fully aired, I usually read summaries online ahead of time. If you tell me that a character will die by the end of the series in advance, I really won’t be affected at all.

On the other hand, if there’s a big twist or reveal in the story, I can understand wondering “what if I hadn’t known”. There’s no way to know how you would have reacted to a scene if you hadn’t known about it in advance, but you can absolutely re-watch a scene to see how you would react to it if you already knew the outcome. So, in effect, an opportunity has been taken away from you forever, so I can understand being upset about that…even if I would never feel the same way.

So I’m not sure if I’ve ever asked this before on this blog. How do people feel about spoilers? I’m sure there’s a spectrum and that most people would prefer not to hear spoilers if they didn’t have to, so I’ll be more specific. At what point do you think you’ve been told too much? To give an example, I feel like I’ve seen enough Yuri on Ice tweets over the course of the last season such that I really don’t need to watch the show.


4 thoughts on “Friday Fun: Talking about spoilers”

  1. I’m not too concerned about spoilers. If there’s an actual major plot twist, I’d prefer that be left in the dark but as I never used to watch anime until it finished airing I usually went into a show knowing exactly where it was going and what sort of story I was getting. It’s more about whether I enjoy watching it get there than being surprised. Still, there is something to be said for going into a show blind. At the moment I’m not reading anything about ACCA in the week until I’ve watched the episode because I don’t want anything spoiled ahead of time on that one. Hand Shakers on the other hand I’ve been checking out multiple reviews of the episode prior to watching mostly to brace myself for the latest train wreck that I’m about to subject myself to.

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    1. yeah, i think that’s a good way of putting it. sometimes i just want to know where it’s all headed. i can’t say ive been taking the same precautions with ACCA, though. im convinced that a lot of the “speculation” i read about the show was actually just teasing or hints from people who read the manga.

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      1. I think that would take a lot of the fun out of watching ACCA if you knew where it was going. As much as I have loved watching it, I’m really wondering whether after the season ends if I’ll ever rewatch or if once all is revealed it is just done.

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