Time for a Change

So, I promised an announcement last week and I’ve spent the past week finally implementing the last pieces of functionality that I wanted on…the new blog website! You can find it here: Insert Blog Link Here. Currently, it’s mostly a test site hosted on Heroku as a bit of “proof of concept”, but hey…it’s a start, right? I’ve shown various people different prototypes of this, but I finally decided to just publicize it so people can find the stuff wrong with it. Note that Heroku apps usually go to sleep when they’re not being accessed, so don’t freak out too much if there’s a bit of lag before initially loading the site. Heroku is not my long-term plan.

My hope is that this blog will eventually replace this one (these things cost money, you know?). As for what my motivations are…well, other than money, I’ve outlined a bit of an explanation in the first post on the blog (hint hint). Out of laziness, I’m not going to copy it here. There are a lot of improvements that still need to be made on the new site, but I’m sure that together with the power of hard work, we can hire an Asian kid to do it.

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