Kuromukuro First Impressions (2): Battle against the demons

I’ve seen episode 3, and I’m still not really sure about this series. I’m tempted to leave this slot in the week open instead. That being said, I have nothing else prepared for today, so let’s do episode 2 at least.


Gee I wonder who this could be.


I get the feeling that it’s going to be revealed that these attacks are some sort of cyclical event that just happened to occur right now.


This woman switches between concern mode and high-expectations Asian mother way too much. I’m not necessarily saying it’s unrealistic, but it’s definitely jarring.


This scene will be interesting later. For now, it just confirms that the real “princess” is dead.


So is this a door that any scientist can access? Because I feel like Yukina’s mother would have at least attempted to open the door herself. Remember that she rushed out of the room asking the other scientist to follow her, so it’s likely she was leading the way to the cell. It feels like she should have noticed the missing cell phone. Oh well, we needed this to happen in order for the main character to join the plot, right?


These guns are soon revealed to be some sort of air gun, likely with tranquilizing darts or some non-lethal form of ammunition. Just shoot him now. You can’t possibly have the Stormtrooper-level aiming to miss at this range.


Whose fault is that?


Is he just taking her as a hostage so that people don’t shoot at him? Because it feels like he should be pretty safe in this machine.


I recognize that scream anywhere!


Did she just get her DNA sampled by the giant robot? This is Valvrave!


Let’s watch as “the Black Relic” turns red…


I can’t tell whether this guy trusts her or not. This robot is two-person, right? Isn’t he basically giving her part of the control?

And back to my earlier point. From the brief flash earlier in the episode, it clearly looked like the princess from Kennosuke’s memories died as her mecha was destroyed. However, based on how Kennosuke and Yukina are positioned right now, it looks like Kennosuke and the princess would have had to be in the same cockpit. I don’t mind her dying because she was in the back, but it doesn’t make any sense for the Black Relic to be okay if it was so obviously destroyed in the past. And if the princess was in her own personal unit, why use the double-unit structure now?


These soldiers just sit here and let the giant robot almost destroy a subway train crossing in front of it. They couldn’t have done anything, but it feels like they should have tried.


She waits until after Kennosuke jumps past the houses to say this. Right now, he’s running on open land…


Well, this is what we came here to see.




Well, that’s cheating.

I don’t get Kennosuke. When he’s in the Black Relic, what exactly does he see? It feels like he should only be able to see in front of him, which would make him a very ineffective fighter. But he seems surprised at how helpful Yukina is with her interpretation of the radar in the machine. It feels like it should be normal for Kennosuke to have a partner when fighting, but it makes the flashback of the princess so much more confusing.

Random note about episode 3. You thought Yukina’s mother was an irresponsible parent already because of how she lets Yukina get into bad situations? Just watch what happens to Koharu in episode 3…

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