Kuromukuro First Impressions (1): To Mars?

I’m trying out this series a bit late because I didn’t realize it existed (forgot about it). I have no idea what to expect, but hey…it’s mecha, right? (Please don’t be Comet Lucifer)


Going right into the giant robot battles from the very beginning is a good start, though I don’t see why they insist on obscuring our vision…is one of these robots supposed to be part of some big reveal later?


A nice, subtle indication that this is war. I’m sure the only way they could have made it more obvious is with some sort of horn sounding in the background.


War! Excitement! Violence! …aaaand back to school. That being said, I respect those career choices. Except for Mercury…that place will burn you to a crisp.

Oh yeah, and our main character’s name is Yukina Shirahane. I’ll have to remember that.


Ahh, yes. The typical argument between the high-expectations Asian parent and the somewhat realistic teacher. I’ve been there…


The other two planets, however, are perfectly fine as careers!


Normal parents say “goodbye”, but sure. Anyway, I’m guessing the fact that Yukina’s mother leaves her phone behind will be what drags Yukina into the plot. Maybe she reads some classified information or something. Or maybe she takes it back to her mother and accidentally stumbles into a mecha (and randomly knows how to pilot it).


Someone correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure “canals” are man-made by definition. You don’t need scientists to prove they don’t exist…just a decent audit of what’s been built on Mars. Unless Yukina means Martian-made canals (as suggested by her mother’s comment above), in which case scientists would need to prove that Martians didn’t exist. I’m hoping the translation is just off and they actually meant “channels”, which would make a bit more sense.


Wow…this would only make sense if Yukina had a habit of chasing Sophie’s limo.


Oh, that’s supposed to be a funny joke because she actually did try to give the phone back? My bad, I forgot to laugh.


Typical introduction for a new mecha…it first gets detected as an unknown object going too fast to be a normal mecha. And as expected, the battle happens right when Yukina’s on the base.




So this artifact must be the mecha that Yukina will use.


I have to nitpick at this one. The map shows that the objects have landed in a fairly spaced-out pattern, but both of the first impacts were close enough to the facility to affect the room where Yukina was standing.


This guy knows how to get Twitter likes.


And despite everything we know from pop culture, Yukina still pushes the big red button.


This scene is mostly hilarious because of how much effort they’re using to cover his privates. We’re so used to convenient “beams of light”, so I lost it when the guy started moving his phone in sync with Kennosuke. Imagine how complicated this entire scene would have been if Kennosuke was a woman…


How do you beat one giant robot? Two giant robots!


Uhh…no. You clearly shot it in the chest.


This song’s pretty good. A bit on the acoustic side, but I don’t mind.

Anyway, next week’s episode should put the girl in the giant robot. Yeah, I’m not too sure about this series. I might need some time to recover after Comet Lucifer…at least the guy in the cube seems to have his memories, right?


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