Marth’s Manga Adventures: Spring Anime Season Edition

I thought about doing a post on Rurouni Kenshin, partly because of laziness and partly as a joke (since I’ve talked about the anime before and it’s basically the same thing minus excessive filler and plus an extra arc), but let’s take this a bit seriously. There are two series in the coming season where I’m familiar with what happens in the manga, so I’ll just go a bit more in-depth about them.

Sousei no Onmyoji


This series revolves around Rokuro Enmadou, a boy whose only talent is being an exorcist like the rest of his family (which is pretty unlikely, but let’s move on). However, he refuses to be an exorcist, constantly failing at other aspirations until Benio Adashino comes into his life. Apparently, the two are the Twin Star Exorcists of prophecy (because prophecies never go wrong!) and Rokuro is dragged back into the exorcist world. The series is interesting so far from what I’ve read and I’m a bit interested to see how it plays out on screen. From the manga, I think Benio’s supposed to have a speech impediment or something, but it’s hard to convey in manga, so I’m curious how she’ll speak in the anime (and she’ll probably be a completely normal anime girl, knowing my luck). The prophecy pieces of the story certainly annoy me (they really bash into your head that Rokuro and Benio will fulfill the prophecy of legend despite their objections), but it’s a decent action series with the battles against impurities.

Flying Witch


This series is pretty simple, but sadly I’ve read the translated chapters, so it qualifies for this post. The main character, Makoto Kowata, is a witch who moves in with a relative, Kei Kuramoto. You would think this is a setup for something, but the series is just a slice-of-life that follows Makoto’s life as a witch and how she introduces the people around her to who witches are and what they do. And honestly, I thought Shade (the cat) would play a larger role in the series since witch’s cats usually do, but he’s mostly just…there…and a cat. I also thought that magic would play a larger role in the series, but the more I read, the more I came to ask myself “would the series even be any different if they took all of the magic and witchcraft out?” Maybe I’m heavily biased, but I’m just not looking forward to this…

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