Let’s talk Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Edition


Unfortunately, no images for this one…unless you really want to look at potato-quality pictures from my phone. But let’s get to the point. The Fire Emblem series is one of my favorite series (which really shouldn’t be a surprise)…it’s pretty much the only reason I buy Nintendo products anymore. Fire Emblem Fates is the latest iteration, just recently released in February in the US. The big gimmick for this game is that it has been released in versions, rather than as a standalone game, with Birthright being the “light-themed” game, Conquest being the “dark-themed” game, and Revelation being the combination. I’m not sure what the general opinion about the versions has been, but I’ve quite liked it. Unlike the Pokemon style of versions, where each version is just a different flavor of the exact same game, Fire Emblem Fates seems to make each version feel like its own game with a different style of play. Birthright is basically Fire Emblem Awakening with different class names and weapons, Conquest feels more strategic, and Revelation is for people who just really want to use all of the characters (I’m assuming).

So what do I like about Conquest? Rather than the “grindy” nature of Birthright, where it feels easy to keep the party ahead of the curve, Conquest really makes it feel like I have to think far in advance when I’m playing each map. Birthright feels like the kind of game for people who really want to complete everything…doing things like getting all of the children, getting your favorite characters to max level, and such. On the other hand, Conquest feels like you’re constantly optimizing each level…not only are you completing each level, but you really want the right units to be getting the experience points. If feeling like you’re at a disadvantage in every level isn’t appealing to you, Conquest might not be the version you want to pick. If you’re willing to dish out the money to buy the DLC maps, you can probably brute force your way through Conquest, but I would argue that it makes the version lose its individuality (you basically turn it into Birthright with a different set of characters).

Also, I can’t really talk about the Fire Emblem Fates release without mentioning the controversy around the localization…it’s been everywhere. I acknowledge that this controversy exists, but I just…don’t care about it at all. Face petting really wasn’t that appealing to me in the first place…

But all-in-all, I think that it’s safe to say I’m having a lot more fun playing Fire Emblem Fates than I did playing Fire Emblem Awakening. I’ll probably have more to say about the game when Revelation finally becomes available. In the meantime, Birthright grinding?

6 thoughts on “Let’s talk Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest Edition”

  1. heh. i’ll join you sooner or later… *shifts gaze*

    hm… i’m pretty sure not grinding will be a great change, but… thinking D:


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