Marth’s Manga Adventures: ReLIFE


So I’ve been avoiding this series for a while now because the anime was announced and I was planning to talk about it before the anime aired. I’m not sure when the anime is planning to air, but let’s pretend it’s going to air this coming spring (though it’s starting to look like it might air in the summer). The series follows Kaizaki Arata, a man who has been having a rough time finding a job after quitting his previous job (I’m sure we’ve all experienced the job hunting grind in our lives). He is approached by Yoake Ryou, who offers him a chance to join the ReLIFE project, which would allow him to relive his high school days for one year with the promise of a job offer at the end if he’s successful. This experiment is facilitated by a drug that gives him the appearance of a 17-year old.

The series is mostly a mix of drama and comedy…I guess comedy too. I found it interesting because Kaizaki enters the school as an observer because he’s told everyone’s memories will be erased at the end of the year, and we get to watch the school life of his classmates through his eyes as he tries to support them without building too much of a relationship. Plus, I’m sure the question of “if I had the chance to do high school over again with the knowledge I have now, would I do a better job?” is a question that has crossed all of our minds at some point. By the way, the answer is “Yes, I would do a much better job”…there’s no way I’d fail tests like Kaizaki.

Another positive point for the series is the sheer number of funny reactions it has…don’t believe me? Have a look!


And my personal favorite…




6 thoughts on “Marth’s Manga Adventures: ReLIFE”

  1. Finally! I’ve been waiting for this post ❤

    No comment on yandere Hishiro? *shifts gaze*

    I've really enjoyed ReLIFE. One of the few manga I'm actually up to date with…


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