Gate S2 Episode 13: That escalated pretty quickly

[HorribleSubs] GATE - 13 [720p].mkv_snapshot_13.24_[2016.01.09_07.41.44]

And we’re back from the break with a party? Anyway, while Pina had some good moments in this first episode, the entire episode felt to me like it was lacking. Seeing the military fire off some mortars felt like they were trying to say “hey, we started the first season by having the Japanese massacre a bunch of guys…here’s a quick reminder”. Also, I wasn’t completely clear from the episode…was Pina’s brother supposed to be an antagonist for this season? He seems like it, but he also feels like he’s just being heavily manipulated by the count and the king. The scene with the mustard meat made it feel like he’ll join his sister eventually.

The episode ends with…an earthquake? Where did that come from? Is this supposed to be another way to mess with Japanese peace negotiations? It feels a bit flimsy to have the fantasy world blame the Japanese for causing the earthquake given that they seemed to know it was coming, right? I really hope that’s not the route that this development goes. As a final question: was the scene between Sugawara and Sili-err Shelly- supposed to be important for something? That’s a blossoming romance, right?

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