Marth’s Manga Adventures: Iris Zero


Okay, I’m going to give fair warning before I start talking about this series. The manga is not completed and has been on hiatus for about 2 years. That being said, this is probably one of my favorite series. The premise is simple. The setting is a world where all children have a power called Iris, which is some sight-related power that is pretty much unique to each person. If I remember correctly, this power goes away at adulthood. The main character, Toru Mishizuma, is a rare exception that has absolutely no power, making him an Iris Zero. As a result of the teasing and bullying he has experienced because he is an Iris Zero, he tries to keep his interaction with others to a minimum. However, his resolve is shaken when he is asked for help by Koyuki Sasamori.

The series itself follows Toru as he tries to help other Iris users with their Iris-related problems despite having no power of his own other than observation. I find these kinds of stories fascinating that explore people who have powers that they rely on so much that they handicap themselves in other ways. Toru just shows up on the scene as a sort of neutral observer capable of providing a completely different perspective, which is almost like an Iris of his very own. The problems these characters face also feel very real despite the supernatural powers they possess, making it seem like the power almost isn’t needed for the story (but it provides that extra push). While I almost can’t recommend this series enough, I really do have to warn you, though, that you will likely be trolled as I have at the lack of resolution…unfortunately the mangaka fell ill, so the manga has been languishing for a while now.

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