Comet Lucifer Episode 11: I would probably give up if there was more than one episode left

[HorribleSubs] Comet Lucifer - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.02_[2015.12.16_06.58.49]

So let me get this straight. The area shield immediately confirmed their suspicions that the culprit was the Bureau research division, but they had absolutely no idea they would have an area shield? That literally makes no sense. I also enjoyed how the old dude brooding in the background this entire series was only in the series for a total of about five minutes. He was honestly in the series just to explain why the show is called “Comet Lucifer”. I’d be upset about the random appearance of Vee as well if she didn’t deliver the most entertaining scenes of the episode (BREAD WEAPONS).

I feel like the second half of the episode basically scripted itself…especially the old dude’s death and the timing of Mora’s transformation back into a mech. At least this week’s episode redeemed Gus a little bit as a character…even if he’s only doing it to get revenge for Do Mon. Anyway, next week’s episode is finally the end for this series. I guess we’re going Majora’s Mask with the ending or something? Because the moon is totally a comet? I’ve got nothing more to say…let’s just get through already.

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