Noragami Aragoto Episode 11: Totally not Saber

[HorribleSubs] Noragami Aragoto - 11 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.55_[2015.12.12_07.11.51]

I kinda have mixed feelings about this week’s episode. Kugaha’s reappearance felt a bit too random…even though he motivates Yukine a little, I just really didn’t expect to see him come back. Also, that scene where everyone says that Yukine could go to the underworld if he became a Nora seemed a bit too convenient. I mean, sure they end up saying he doesn’t have to do that this week, but why would you even bring that possibility up if Yukine weren’t eventually going to take it?

Looks like next week’s episode will bring Hiyori into the underworld. I’m seriously expecting Yukine to accept becoming a Nora and go with her to save Yato. I’m a little confused by the scenes from the preview, though…most of them happen outside. It means that either the studio is trying really hard to hide who goes into the underworld or they really do spend most of the episode debating on whether Hiyori should go inside (I’m guessing with stuff like “you’re a human…it’s not your problem”). Given that next week’s episode will probably be entirely spent saving Yato, that leaves us with only one episode left in the series to confront the true culprit pulling Ebisu, Yato, and Nora’s strings.

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