Young Black Jack Episode 10: Vengeance

[HorribleSubs] Young Black Jack - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.29_[2015.12.08_06.46.42]

So this week’s episode shows Hyakki’s descent as he exacts his revenge on the doctors who wronged him. It sounds like they were also somehow responsible for the accident that originally took away his arms and legs. I liked how the episode went even though it’s a story I’ve seen played out before in other series…the whole idea of Hyakki’s first kill being an accident that starts a domino chain is much better than having him blindly seek revenge after learning about the betrayal of the other doctors.

Based on what’s said in the preview, I guess Hazama’s operation on Hyakki is the reason for his not getting a medical license. Do they really blame him for creating a murderer? Is there ever a reason to pin that responsibility on a doctor? I understand punishing him for performing a risky operation while still a medical student, but the actions of the patient shouldn’t reflect on the doctor. Also, is it Takara who uses this logic? It would be pretty ironic…I guess he has no way of knowing that it was Hazama that saved him and not Maiko.

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