Young Black Jack Episode 8: Pain is back

[HorribleSubs] Young Black Jack - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.57_[2015.11.24_06.45.20]

Johnny’s story ended in a rather strange way. I get that Risenburg was trying to save both Johnny and Hazama by forcing Hazama out and curing Johnny himself, but everything seemed so abrupt. I get that Risenburg saw himself in Hazama, but did he solve the puzzle? His solution seemed to be a brute-force rewrite of Johnny’s nerves. So what exactly caused the condition? Was it a side effect of the nerve gas? Am I supposed to just infer that? By the way, wasn’t this arc supposed to have something to do with racism? It seemed like the only tie was Johnny’s activist activities, which he stops at the end of the arc. I suppose you could argue that the military choosing him to test nerve gas is bit related, but we don’t really get a great look at the other soldiers…

Next week’s episode looks to introduce a new doctor to Hazama…it looks to be one who specializes in prosthetics. I’m curious what the dark piece of the puzzle will be for this story. Will it have something to do with the trials of a disabled person trying to become a doctor? That seems relatively tame in comparison to the rest of the series, though.

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