Owari no Seraph S2 Episode 7: The attack begins

[HorribleSubs] Seraph of the End S2 - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.18_[2015.11.23_06.46.44]

So the fight against Crowley begins…my initial complaint about the episode is I wish they hadn’t spent so much time arguing about whether they would save their comrades. We could have had so much more action. That aside, I do like how green they show Shinoa (you’ll notice that she often gets pushed around by her team when it comes to decisions), but I’m more looking forward to the moments when she actually starts trusting her decisions. Also, please Shinya…shoot the guy instead of trying to say “Checkmate”. What the heck, man?

This week’s episode ends on an awkward cliffhanger…I’d say it actually really possible that Yuu gets slashed by Crowley to potentially trigger his berserk mode again. I guess Mika could also show up to save him, but I still don’t think he’ll show up next week. The preview doesn’t really give too much information to help with speculations. Maybe the red attacks indicate that it’s Guren attacking? Did Yuu’s attacks turn red the last time he went berserk?

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