Young Black Jack Episode 4: Capture

[HorribleSubs] Young Black Jack - 04 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.12_[2015.10.27_06.37.21]

This week’s episode looks to be the first appearance of the Inuyasha-dressed man from the opening theme. I’ve been wondering about him for a while. A lot of this episode seemed to be getting the feel of life on the battlefield, but I guess the point of the episode was to talk about the courage that could only be found on the battlefield. Given the prevalence of all of these characters in the ending theme, I suppose this Vietnam arc is the main arc for the series.

It looks like next week’s episode is mostly captured life…it doesn’t look like there will be any sort of climax in the episode, so it further suggests that we’ll be in Vietnam for a few episodes more. Are we going to fall into the same pattern as the first few episodes? Will the Vietnamese try to take advantage of Hazama after seeing what he did in the battlefield in this episode? Surely, this pattern will get old after a while…

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