Young Black Jack Episode 2: Transplants

[HorribleSubs] Young Black Jack - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_14.30_[2015.10.13_06.48.27]

Hitting the morals pretty hard that quickly, huh? I suppose the point of this week’s episode is to show Hazama’s limits despite the miracle he performed in the first episode. I’m really not sure how I feel about how this episode played out…the convenient plastic surgery at the end seemed a bit too much. I guess it’s somewhat acceptable because the man seemed to be the leader of some sort of cult…usually those guys tend to be fairly unquestioning of their leader.

I’m just making a guess based on the preview, but it looks like next week’s episode will put Hazama in a situation where he’s trying to save someone who is in hiding (the episode title is “Deserters” after all). It seems to me like an episode that is less morally questionable (in comparison to this episode), but I guess it depends on whether Hazama agrees with the deserter’s decision. Also, some parts of the preview made me wonder whether we’ll get a bit more background on Hazama and why he became the way he is. For the time being, I find this series interesting enough to keep on with it, though I admit it’s probably one of bigger unknowns of this season for me.


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