Comet Lucifer First Impressions (1): That’s literally how I am driving by policemen

[HorribleSubs] Comet Lucifer - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_09.58_[2015.10.05_06.33.03]

Wow, this episode really ramped up hard. From what I gleaned from this first episode, the main character Sougo Amagi, a rare crystal collector, comes across a crystal that awakens a girl inside of a larger crystal. When he’s attacked afterwards by some organization that was probably trying to awaken the girl themselves, he’s defended by an unknown mecha that was probably spawned by the girl to defend her. I prefer that interpretation over the possibility of a second organization that is also trying to get the girl because it gives the possibility for the main cast to all pilot mecha.

This episode certainly was an interesting way to introduce the main characters…from the ending sequence, it looks like these four will be traveling together (five if you include the crystal girl) despite the fact that Roman and Kaon are in an arranged marriage and Kaon is likely a love interest for Sougo. Typical love triangle tensions, right?

[HorribleSubs] Comet Lucifer - 01 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.08_[2015.10.05_06.44.45]

Song-wise, the opening and ending songs are both okay, but the opening song gets my preference because the music is just so good in comparison. I’m actually really looking forward to listening to that opening song more. This is another one of those shows without a preview segment, so I’ll just have to make wild guesses. This next week’s episode should be fairly simple…the girl will likely introduce herself and I’m hoping we get an introduction of the mecha along with another fight…hopefully, a fight that involves the protagonist as a pilot. Side note: I’ve seen a lot of people online say this series has Eureka Seven vibes…can’t really comment on that because I haven’t seen that series, but I hope it means it’s good.


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