Gatchaman Crowds Insight Final Episode (12): Another weird thing running around with the crowds

[Commie] Gatchaman Crowds insight - 12 [DCCE73C5].mkv_snapshot_06.24_[2015.10.01_06.53.25]

So the final episode ended up being an epilogue after all. I’m pretty upset with myself for forgetting Berg-Katze’s power to copy others…I guess the first season was that long ago for me. I’m also fine with accepting the explanation that the Kuus disappeared because the atmosphere was falling apart. In that sense, I would say that this series wrapped up nicely and I would say this is one of the better endings of this season.

As a whole, I’d say this series was pretty interesting to think about for the most part…although there were admittedly a few points where I lost motivation to continue watching. I’m sure I lacked the social-related knowledge to really appreciate the series, but I got my own thoughts out of seeing it, I guess. Not too much more to say about this final episode since most of it was waiting for Hajime to wake up…I guess it’s worth noting that this should be the last post of the summer season. Time to move on to fall season…

5 thoughts on “Gatchaman Crowds Insight Final Episode (12): Another weird thing running around with the crowds”

  1. I forgot about Katze’s power too, 😛

    Well Katze was obviously the best character in this show, right? Right?!


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