Rokka no Yuusha Final Episode (12): It’s never over

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While this episode made for an interesting “ending” (if you could even call it that), there are still quite a few questions that remain for me. First off, it didn’t seem like Nashetania was getting any direct orders from the Demon Lord…I’m not really so interested in how she got her plan as much as how she was able to become a Brave at all. I guess the only explanation that makes sense to me is that she knew she was likely to become one of the six, but the selection of seven is what ultimately foiled her plan. And now that Nashetania has been busted and left the group, does she just fade away and never come back? Maybe make a cameo as an enemy later or something?

This series certainly was interesting to watch…it ended up making a better mystery than the actual mystery series of the season (Ranpo Kitan). I get that they’re trying to introduce a similar theme by adding Rolonia to the cast, reviving the mystery of the seventh when everyone thinks they’re safe from it, but I wonder how they’ll keep the mystery at the same level. I can see how the mystery’s harder now that most people have been exonerated, but I can’t imagine how it would be more fun. I guess I just need to hope for a second season to see, right? I suppose I could just shift my suspicions to the next in line on my list from this season (Maura), but we’ll see. Rolonia seems too obvious and Goldov still doesn’t make sense, but I assume they’ll be the first suspects for the group.

6 thoughts on “Rokka no Yuusha Final Episode (12): It’s never over”

  1. …or you could read the novels? The second mystery of the seventh is far more interesting of the first, but it also lasts 5 volumes (from 2 to 6) to be completely resolved. Go for it Marth!

    Also Nashetania is also still in the game. There are (as explained I think at the beginning of the second volume) three factions in the Demon side with three different “generals”. One is Nashetania’s “boss”, the other is the one shown at the end of the series (the one that appeared in Adlet’s village) and the third one (we don’t know much about him).

    It is explained in the novels how Nashetania got the hero mark…*nods*


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