God Eater Episode 6: Team bonding

[HorribleSubs] GOD EATER - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.08_[2015.09.01_06.50.39]

Well, I expected not to like Alisa’s character, and this week’s episode only served to confirm that. It seems like she’s utterly useless in combat without medication (presumably anti-anxiety pills). Other than that, this week’s episode only really served as a bonding experience for Lenka and Alisa. I’m not sure what significance I should place on the last scene with Lenka before Lindow appears, where he puts up his arms at the attacking Amagami. I guess that was supposed to be a form of surrender and Lindow was admonishing Lenka for not continuing to struggle until the end?

The preview doesn’t have much, but it sounded like one of the audio segments from next week’s episode is an apology, which I’m assuming is from Alisa towards Lenka because of how weak she was. It’s very possible that it may prompt her to at least tell him a little bit about her past or something. Another piece to get from the preview…it seems that despite Alisa’s declaration this week that Lenka’s God Arc is dead, it will likely be brought back. I’ll be upset if there’s some lame excuse like “it’s because the weapon is a New Type”. I guess we’ll see.

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