Charlotte Episode 9: I suppose this is the big reveal?

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I can’t say I’m completely surprised by the cop-out that the show has decided to use. Of all tropes, time travel is probably the easiest method used to fix tragedies and in a show about supernatural powers, it’s not too far-fetched. I think the more interesting fact from this week’s episode is that Yuu’s real power is that he can steal the power of any ability user that he possesses (I’m assuming that he actually stole the baseball player’s power without realizing it).

The reason I find Yuu’s power interesting is there is an implication of martyrdom in his power. Because the power is the only thing that interests researchers, Yuu is solely capable of saving every ability user in existence…by forcing all of the researchers’ attention on himself, he can free everyone else.

[HorribleSubs] Charlotte - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.51_[2015.08.30_07.07.27]

There are still a few things I don’t fully understand from this week’s episode, though. For one, why does everyone seem to remember what happened in the alternate timeline? Did Shunsuke simply tell them or does his power allow for some memories to remain? If so, does that mean that Kumagami’s ability to identify the ability user is simply his memory of the time in the lab? And does that mean that people from the lab remember the experiments and the ability users? I suppose Shunsuke could have found a way to erase their memories as well, but it seems like a Herculean task.

These questions may all be pointless given that Shunsuke is preparing to explain himself next week. Hopefully, we get some good answers, though. The biggest answer would be “why haven’t they leaped again to save Ayumi?” Obviously, they want to, but they can’t for some reason. Maybe Shunsuke can no longer use his power…does that mean that Yuu will have to do it instead?

4 thoughts on “Charlotte Episode 9: I suppose this is the big reveal?”

  1. So… Shuu’s now blind. Anyone know someone else who is also blind and may or may not have (or used to have) an ability? Maybe the same one, to leap through time? Hmm, it would be somewhat interesting if the power to leap through time was a one use thing, renders you blind and you lose your abilities. That would seem like a equal flaw to how OP time leaping is. Then it is redistributed to a new ability user. Could make sense :3

    And it was fun to see Nao fangirling. That was awesome. ❤


  2. Yep, the deus ex machina is strong here… Time traveling without consequence means that you can fix any mistakes from happening. However, I think there needs to be some kind of consequence from time traveling too much than just becoming blind.


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