Charlotte Episode 8: New character?

[HorribleSubs] Charlotte - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_16.14_[2015.08.23_07.23.34]

I’m assuming the point of this week’s episode was to ease Yuu back into his life. Anyone else getting tired of the “Yusarin spells”? They’re actually pretty cringe-worthy in my opinion (and I mean the spells themselves as well, not just reaction from the fans). That aside, is this new character Sala Shane just supposed to be a temporary aside for Yuu? I can’t imagine she’d stay on the main cast considering her position. Additionally, I’m guessing that she’s past adolescence and is therefore not a candidate as an ability user (though she could potentially be a former ability user, which would explain her blindness).

Given that this week’s episode was more of a sidebar into Nao’s specific story, I guess we’re being left to stew about the events surrounding Ayumi’s death. Maybe next week, we’ll start to find out what the water guy’s connection is to all of the events that are happening. Finally, a music-related side note. Yusari’s song this week…I guess I’d say it lacked the punch that Girlsdemo had in Angel Beats. I somewhat agree with Nao’s original evaluation (not the exact score, just the fact that it was lower). Also, this episode has made me curious enough to try to listen to post-rock…might update on that next week.

2 thoughts on “Charlotte Episode 8: New character?”

  1. From the looks of it, I’m already smelling a deus ex machina from that miracle, but I do agree that Yusarin does not really compare to Girls Dead Monsters, although I kind of didn’t like their music due to their mediocre performance… but at least it had impact.


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