Charlotte Episode 7: Escapism

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Jumping in a little early this week for this show (though it’s still pretty late in the game). This week’s episode pronounces Ayumi dead and follows Yuu’s descent into madness as a result. It’s fun to watch and all, but not necessarily surprising (maybe it’s just a really common Western trend). Descending into violence and isolation to “numb the pain of loss” isn’t exactly groundbreaking, but I really did like putting Nao in the picture. I imagine she was trying to approach the healing process from two different angles. On the one hand, I’m assuming she was at least partially behind the string of visitors trying to prod Yuu back into the world, but on the other hand, she silently watched him and gave him the time/space to recover.

Since Key (the studio) is no stranger to reversing character deaths, I’m not going to analyze Ayumi’s death too much (I was never attached to her character anyway). That being said, I’ve seen some speculation online that her death was faked so that scientists could do research, and I want to mention that because I think that theory has merit. It would give a clear end goal for the series, so I don’t think it’s a bad direction. That being said, I’m assuming next week is business as usual, but maybe we’ll finally get to see more on what this water guy’s involvement in everything really is.

10 thoughts on “Charlotte Episode 7: Escapism”

  1. Nah, she’s not dead. She can’t be. I mean she can’t be dead, right? Nah, SHE COULDN’T BE DEAD. NEVER.


  2. I am already smelling a conspiracy theory on Ayumi’s death… Then again, this episode almost kind of remind me of the breakdown in Clannad After Story, except that Tomoya is not a narcissistic like Yuu or became that violent.


  3. It’s time to invade! *starts marching*

    She can’t be dead.. or she is and was REALLY sacrificed for a greater good? We have to wait for Deus Ex Machina! *nods*


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