Rokka no Yuusha Episode 7: Some background information

[HorribleSubs] Rokka no Yuusha - 07 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.08_[2015.08.17_06.40.39]

So most of this week’s episode was spent telling Adlet and Flamie’s backstories…another slow one. The battle at the end of the episode between Adlet and Hans seemed pretty cool, though. That aside, with regards to the suspect for the seventh hero, am I just being too overly sensitive to Nashetania’s actions or was she actually very suspicious this week? She seemed to heavily assert Adlet’s innocence…which I took as her being upset that the person in the group she actually liked was under suspicion. Also, the scene where she couldn’t hear the battle at the temple…are those ears just for show?

I’m really curious what the end goal is for this series given its pacing. Just how long is this group planning to stay trapped in this fog? Is the show’s climax going to be at the point when the group manages to escape the fog? Does it come coupled with finding out who the seventh hero is or is that a recurring mystery until they actually reach the Demon God?

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